Vamos a la playa!!!!!


Day 4: Barcelona

Well; this morning just didn’t start out as planned. We were supposed to get up with the wake up call from the lovely lady downstairs at 8am wishing us a Buenas dias but that just didn’t seem to do it. So, at about ten after ten we managed to get our lazy selves out of bed, get ourselves together for the day, have some of our makeshift breakfast only needing agua caliente from the cafeteria to get our oatmeal on it’s way and headed downstairs. We got a beach recommendation from the woman at the desk as it was too late to go to costa brava in the northern areas outside of Barcelona; so we opted for a pretty beach outside the city limits that we could easily get to by train. We took the metro to Sants Estacio station which connected to the major train station and found the train that would take us to Sitges Beach and 30 minutes later we were there. We wandered through the little town with many stores and restaurants and pretty winding streets. We are still in amazement about the incredible amount of cigarette smokers that we seem to encounter all of the time. My dad and I always mention the line from My Cousin Vinny when we visit the south of America as if they haven’t heard about the cholestorol revolution in the country…but we didn’t think that in 2009 people would have missed out on the anti-nicotine revolution, right? It’s unbelievable. Aside from that Barcelona is gorgeous and for anyone about to make the trip we have got to tell you that the metro system is unbelievably easy to follow. The lines are all color coded and numbered and they make it very easy to be a tourist or a traveller; perhaps that’s why they were granted the Olympics.

Anyway…where were we…oh yes, wandering through the streets of Sitges and found ourselves a café for lunch-Café Terraza-and had burgers and patatas fritas for lunch. Perfect beach food and our first fries of the trips; oh yes, photos were taken as many people mentioned that they were interested in my French fry saga of fries in every country…well…it begins! After our delicious lunch we hit the beach for some much needed rest and relaxation from all of our busy traveling days and some time to rest our weary feet (and for me my calves as they were aching from all of the hills and steps from Park Guell yesterday). Now, I have to tell you, it’s very strange being a visitor to a beach for us as we live there. I forgot how it feels to take the train to the beach, walk over 15 minutes and for heavens sake…have to use a towel and not my trusty beach chair (still haven’t figured out how to make one compact and portable enough to take it with me everywhere we go). Well, we did anyway and it was quite an enjoyable day. Of course, as in Europe there were many topless women and men in bathing suits that lets just say should not be warn in public. There were also these great inflatable slides that you could rent; peddle out to sea and then climb on and slide down into the water which seemed like a lot of fun. We spent our time lounging in the sun (yes mom we wore sunscreen) and dipping our feet in the Mediterranean and of course taking a bit of a snooze (and yes, there were pictures again) and then headed back up the road to the train. Of course on our way we just had to stop and taste some of the fine gelato before we left…I mean it’s pretty much a given…beach then ice cream, right?

We caught the train and the metro and tried to find this vegetarian restaurant that we’d heard about but unfortunately it was closed for siesta (now isn’t that a great Spanish tradition that should so be brought across the oceans?) so we went back to Las Ramblas to find some new ideas. We went to this other vegetarian restaurant, Maoz and had salads and falafel with guacamole which were completely delicious and exactly what we were looking for after two nights of expensive and calorie laden paella. {Mat note: not to mention sampling of the local brew Estrella Dam which was not to be forgotten} We looked at some of the souvenir shops on our way, said goodbye to Las Ramblas and the ‘interesting’ people it provides and took the metro back to the hotel to crash. I am relaxing in the room, Mathew is on the computer downstairs for a bit and we’re winding down the evening for our next adventure. Keep the emails, face book messages and blog notes coming, we love to know we’re not forgotten as we would never forget all of you. Tomorrow…Madrid!


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