From Paella to Pizza


Day 7: Madrid to Berlin

Well, it’s been one full week of official traveling at the moment and we’re still going strong. No one hates each other yet and no one’s ditched either so we’re still off to a great start. {Mat note: lovin’ life!} I can’t believe that there’s been the first week of school and it’s basically only been a three-week long marriage so far and here we are ½ way around the world from many of those guests who trekked in for the festivities. Not going to lie, it gets a bit tough from time to time to be away but look at all of the amazing things we’ve already seen and how much we’ve accomplished in one short week. And it continues…we awoke this morning in the Suites Viena in Madrid and went for a walk in the park right by the hotel. The walk was great and got the blood flowing as it was a bit brisk since it was 8:30am much earlier than usual for us. We did two laps of the park and then wound our way to Vips (the same restaurant that we had our first meal ever in Madrid so it was a bit of closure) to have a proper breakfast…pancakes and eggs for the boy and toast with cream cheese and tomato spread for the girl. We enjoyed our 10 US dollar breakfast and made our way back to the hotel to pack all of our stuff and leisurely (well, I’m not sure how anything is leisurely when you’re carrying over 50 pounds of stuff) made our way to the metro for our trip back to el aeropuerto of Madrid. {Mat note: although carrying 50 pounds some of it might just belong to the wife} We arrived at the airport within plenty of time for our flight and had a bit of a walkabout around the airport and had some lunch (I finally got to have that Natural Break sandwich which was one of the places we went to in Barcelona) and got on our plane.

Three hours, a nap and a few sudokus later we were in Berlin. We arrived only to find out that when you fly from one European Union country to the other you don’t get a stamp in your passport! You thought I was mad when we drove to Canada and the Canadian Mounties wouldn’t stamp my passport…well this time I was super mad; but give me a break…mess with immigration; not this little girl, that’s for sure! So, we picked up our luggage and we found our way to the taxi stand (how often do you get a taxi ride in a Mercedes?) and made it to the hotel although neither of us is quite good at sprechenzi-ing deutsch! Here’s when I could really use the help of my great aunt who I know is watching and having the time of her life knowing that we’ve made it to her hometown and she would be quite helpful to have around and I’m sure my Minnesotan friend would be worthwhile to pocket at the moment and carry her around as not only has she been here but the German just flows whenever we would need it. Anyway, I digress, we made it to the hotel which is a bit old and musty but clean and when you make the reservations about a week before at 4am you never know what you’re getting. The way you know the hotel is old is when you still have an actual key to enter the room and no card keys to slide into the doors. The lobby is quaint, the lift works, there’s a non-smoking floor, the service is really nice but the rooms make you feel as if you’ve entered grandma’s house and she’s about to come in and bring you some tea and cookies-not that there’s anything wrong with that! The bathroom is clean and it’ll do for the night as we have more adventures to come tomorrow. We grabbed some dinner in the hotel’s restaurant which was surprisingly really nice and had the service of a young girl who spoke English really well. We had a baked feta and tomato salad and a pizza with sheep’s cheese, spinach and oregano (and of course when we asked what sheep’s cheese was the waitress duly went into her best impression of a sheep-I kid you not, you can’t make this stuff up) which was quite delicious and the best bang for the Euro!

We’re just sitting in the lobby now trying to figure out what to see tomorrow as we thought our flight was early but we were mistaken and we get to have three nights in Copenhagen instead of two…Sweden can now totally make it on the list! This is the first night in awhile that we don’t have internet access so we’re working on the blog but we’ll have to upload at a later date. It is the first night in awhile that I feel a bit unconnected and out of touch. I know it’s something to get used to but it’s a bit difficult with the holidays coming and not being able to be there for the first time in 35 years. L’shana tova to those who it applies, be celebrating from Europe! Well, enjoy and we’ll post again from Copenhagen…land of the little mermaid!


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