Mermaids and Beer


Day 9: Copenhagen

We awoke this morning in Denmark after a good night’s sleep in our hotel room not too far from the train station. Now this is a wonderful city and if you’re after one that as a traveller you may need to be dependent on the kindness of strangers, this is the one. Strangers in the train station helped us find the platform and helped me with my luggage, information officers at the train platforms were lovely and anyone who saw us looking a bit confused wanted to lend a hand. This morning Mathew headed out to the Carlsberg Brewery which was about a 25 minute walk from our hotel. He went for the tour which included two beers (a Tuborg and a Jacobsen) and came back with a smile, a keychain and two shirts. {Mat note: The Carlsberg Brewery site houses the world’s largest collection of full beer bottles all coming from the same company; they even hold the Guiness Book of World Records for that feat-there are over 18,000 bottles…now that’s a lot of beer!} I had a different plan. I headed to the train station to find out some information on how we could get to Sweden tomorrow and then went to the local Danish supermarket (Super Best) as I was in charge of lunch today. I bought turkey (again depending on the kindness of strangers as nothing actually had the words that I was looking for on it in the store), tomato, goat’s cheese, avocado, a bottle of coke zero and one of water, pretzel snacks, two rolls and two apples and was on my way. And no, I didn’t even use any plastic bags for the environmentally friendly among us; I came with my own over the shoulder bag that has been coming in quite handy as it folds up into nothing and attaches on a key chain to my pocketbook. We made sandwiches and had a delicious picnic in our room before we set out for the day.

Fully nourished we set out to the City Hall of Copenhagen in order to catch one of the Hop-on-Hop off buses that would help us tour the city. We took the Little Mermaid tour which wound it’s way through the city with of course a stop at Hans Christian Anderson’s famous statue. We sat on the top deck for the best view and some history as well. We got out at the Little Mermaid for some photos (of course we hit the spot at the same time that two cruise ships unloaded hundreds of passengers to do the exact same thing we were doing), got out at one of the palaces (went to this one special as Princess Mary is Australian born; but as usual when we arrived she was nowhere to be found) and then again at a neighborhood called Nyvhan which is a picturesque little town on the water with boats and bars that looks exactly as a postcard would look. After our afternoon of sites and history we sauntered back towards the hotel, got a drink at another supermarket and headed towards the world famous Tivoli Gardens/Amusement Park.

Tivoli had a fee of 85 Kroner which is about 22 dollars US to just enter the site and then you have to pay for any ride you would like, game you would like to play or of course food you would like to eat…oh, and then there’s the 10 US dollar beers that you could buy if you like too. We entered of course as it’s the thing to do here in Copenhagen and wandered around looking at the beautiful flowers, the oversized candy, the fun games, the crazy rides, the Danish food and just getting the overall feel of the place. There was a cute merry-go-round with animals on it so you could ride a camel, and elephant and yes, even a giraffe. So of course, I had to do it as I’m not sure in reality if you can actually ride a giraffe and for some crazy reason it’s on my list of things that I want to do…so…plastic or otherwise, I checked it off the list and my sweet husband not only bought me the ticket but stood and took the pictures of his nutty wife on the plastic giraffe…I know, he’s a keeper! We trekked the park a little while longer looking for dinner when we stumbled on Wagamamas (not a local eatery, but a favorite of us both and since it’s not in NY just yet we try to grab it whenever we can) and with a great big smile we went inside to eat. We had some lovely tucker, walked the park a bit more to see the twinkling lights and listened to a great orchestral concert in one of the outdoor music halls and headed for the gates to go home. We said goodbye to Tivoli, made a quick stop at 7-11 for a hot chocolate and went back to the hotel for some well-deserved relaxation. Tomorrow…why not head to Sweden?


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