Why not go to Sweden?


Day 10: Copenhagen-Malmo, Sweden
So, we woke up this morning and had our usual breakfast in our hotel room in Denmark and walked to the train station to head to Sweden…because that’s what people do on typical Thursdays, right? We spoke to a really nice man at the train station who sold us our tickets and told us where to go. We got on a really nice train (with a table in between the seats) and rode for just over ½ an hour and at the third stop got off and were in Sweden. The stop was Malmo Central Train Station where we exchanged some money into Swedish kroner and were off to explore after the nice lady at the money exchange gave us a map and told us what to see. We followed the people out of the train station and wandered to the center of town filled with a town square, roads filled with quaint shops, veggie markets in the center, restaurants and stores and of course Ikea and H & M. Now, you have to understand, we went to Sweden just on a whim and this town was recommended by a friend. So, we decided that we had seen what we needed to in Copenhagen and thought why not check off another country so that’s where we went. Of course, once again, no checkpoint, no passport control and you guessed it, no stamp in the passport!

We went walkabout to explore the town which included a turning tower down by the water so off we went. It was pretty and calm and filled with lovely people but was not that exciting. We walked around and took some photos and of course, as we do in every city found ourselves down by the water looking at the boats and a beautiful park. We headed back to the center of town in a desperate attempt to find some meatballs (Swedish of course) for Mathew as it was just the thing to do, but we had no luck. Of course as I asked a local he thought long and hard and had two answers for us…one, his house and two, ikea! I mean really! So since meatballs didn’t work we found ourselves at a Subway and were well-fed as Subway rarely disappoints.

We were full and headed back to the train station to catch the next train back to Copenhagen. We came back to the hotel where once again I had a quick nap and Mathew went to figure out how to get to the train in the morning as the central train station of Copenhagen closes overnight and as we were to catch a train at 4am it wouldn’t be open. We settled for the evening on shopping for dinner so we headed again to our friendly neighborhood Danish supermarket and bought stuff for some sandwiches which we built in the lobby and happily ate our frugal and well-produced picnic. Then headed up to the room after checking some emails in the lobby to pack and try to figure out Rosh Hashanah overseas. The wake up call is set for 3am to catch our flight back to Berlin and get ready for Contiki Eastern Road. That’s right…on the road again!

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