The wheels on the bus go ’round and ’round!


Day 22: Warsaw-Berlin; The wheels on the bus go round and round

So today’s a big driving day that’s for sure. Breakfast in Poland and dinner in Germany-again, quite an interesting feat. We had some breakfast and said our goodbyes as many people were leaving from Warsaw to go onto their next destinations. Some to their homes, Adam to Latvia and then Spain, Simon and Francine to Greece and then to Egypt and others to places unknown. We had a really great trip and met some really great people who made our trip really enjoyable. The hotels were all really nice and clean, all had breakfast included and it doesn’t seem that we’ve really spent too much money so that’s another plus. It’s such a different feeling now traveling at this stage in life as I don’t feel that I have to buy a million souvenirs-I’d rather take photos and the memory of a place with me instead of little knick-knacks. I did buy a Swarovski necklace in Vienna and an Amber one in Krakow, but they’re useful to me. It is definitely sad to leave some of the people as now we have to start again with a new tour and so many people here are going to be traveling for 4-6 months but when we tried to do it the way we wanted to it was just ridiculously expensive and I do really love our itinerary…there are giraffes in our future! Actually, Todd, our tour manager is finishing a nine year stint in Contiki too with us; he’s hanging up his hat and heading back to Australia (via I’m sure many other places in the world) to see what else life has to offer-although at 35 he can say he’s set foot on every continent…yup, you guessed it…lots of people are jealous too!

Anyway…ten hours and many stops later, we got dropped off at the Contiki hotel in Berlin and hopped a taxi to Citadines, the awesome apartment style living that we stayed in last time we were here. We met Chantell for dinner and took the U-bahn to Dada Falafel and had some ‘traditional German fare’ (yeah right) for our last night in Berlin. We’ve had a really good run and got to say our goodbyes to this fair city tonight…tomorrow…London and Africa…what an adventure!


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