Three meals, three countries


Day 18: Budapest to Krakow: Three meals, three countries

Well, now this one is one to right down in the record books! We woke up this morning and headed to breakfast where we were met by some very weary travellers as many of the Aussies on our trip (not my husband) woke up crazy early to watch the Aussie Rules grand final of St. Kilda Saints and Geelong Cats so they were utterly exhausted. For anyone interested…Geelong won! After breakfast we jumped on the coach and headed for our next stop, Krakow, Poland with a stop in Slovakia for lunch. Seriously, and Julie and I thought we had been cool when we went from New York to Maine for lunch and had dinner in Boston…this one just has to blow that away! We drove for just over 2 hours (of which I napped for most of them as seems the traditional pasttime on the bus for me) and got out in a very small, quaint town in Slovakia. After walking up and down this country square which looked like it was right out of Beauty and the Beast when Belle is wandering in the beginning of the movie and we settled on lunch at an outdoor café. Three Americans and four Australians eating at a Slovakian café on one lazy afternoon…unbelievable right? But, it was a chance for me to scratch French fries in Slovakia off the list!

After lunch we went back on the bus with one quick stop at the Polish border (don’t get excited…still no stamp or border patrol) and then straight to the hotel (a Holiday Inn Express) which was really nice and went straight into the dining room for a dinner set up by the hotel. Dinner was lovely (cream of broccoli soup was included) and then a bunch of us hopped taxis into the Old Town Square to wander around and get acquainted with Krakow. Sarah, Chantell and I had a delicious brownie and some hot chocolate and Mathew and a few of the Aussies tried a few of the famous Polish vodkas. We came back to the hotel after a very long day of travel and went to bed…just imagining what the next few days of adventure would be like for us all.


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