Cornish Pasties and the Underground


Day 23: Berlin to London- Cornish Pasties and the Underground

We left Berlin at a crazy hour of the morning and took a taxi to pick up Chantell {Mat note: Minnesotaaaaaa} and then a bus to the airport. We walked to the bus station with Braden, Cole and Kelsie who were taking a train for the next 6 hours or so to hopefully end up at Octoberfest in Munich. After waiting a long time for British Airways to open we checked in, had a pretzel and waited to board. Turns out that Chantell’s plane which said it was delayed got cancelled due to engine trouble and she had to stay another night in Berlin. We landed two hours after taking off in London’s Heathrow airport and were thrilled to hear Captain Bob’s pleasant British accent and see all of the signs of England. After two undergrounds and one bus we arrived at Sean and Jeff’s house; well, that was of course after a stop at the Cornish Pasty Company for a delicious pasty {Mat note: cheese and veggies for the lady and large traditional for me-bring on the goodness}, and we were safe and sound!

We hung around chatting to Sean for a bit and then headed out to Marks and Spencers and Sainsbury’s (Supermarket and gourmet dept. store) and Mathew stopped for a haircut. We shopped for dinner which was awesome to get fresh vegetables again and gathered some more snacks for Egypt and came home to Jeff in his own house. He was cooking up some veggies when we told him we would love to make dinner for him and he agreed. So, we put dinner together; a cooked chicken pulled apart (like mom usually gets from Costco) and quorn cutlets for me (boy did I miss those fake chicken nuggets) and tons of fresh veggies and boy was it good! It was so nice to just sit around and hang for a bit. I definitely feel like I’m coming down with a bit of a cold that all of the Contiikites on the bus had (including my husband) and I’m going to do my best not to let it turn into bronchitis. Good thing I can gargle with salt water and take my vitamins in any country!

Jeff has offered to let us stay for the week that we’re back in London and use their house as home base; can you imagine how much money that would save us…maybe we could actually afford two nights in the overwater hut in Tahiti on the other end…now that would be awesome! For now…on to the African continent and the land of pharaohs and pyramids! Tomorrow…Cairo!


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