A Breath of Fresh Air


33: Cairo-London (11 October 2009) a breath of fresh air

Here’s how it went: 4:45 am wake up call, 7 something flight and by 2:30pm we had eaten a pasty and were sitting on the couch hanging out without any backpacks on our shoulders at all! London was such a welcome sight of fresh air, no smoking, no dust, veggies you can eat and sights and sounds in the Queen’s English. The first breath I took outside of the airport was incredible; it’s amazing the things you take for granted, like clean air but what a welcome sigh for my lungs not to struggle amidst the smoke and dust of yesteryear! We hung out at the house and chatted with Jeff for a bit then headed to Sainsbury’s for some food to cook for dinner.

You guessed it…quorn cutlets and chicken (for the boy) and salad for all and it was delicious. Of course, our tummies still aren’t used to fresh veggies so it’s a bit difficult on our bathroom situations but we’re working on it. Emails, television (law and order of course) and a shower with water that can get in your mouth by accident and teeth brushing with water from the tap and a good night’s sleep and our relaxing time in England had begun. We are really grateful to these guys for letting us use their house as a home base with laundry, kitchen and lounge room facilities…it makes it so much nicer to have a break in the traveling with all of the comforts of home! Who knows what we’ll do tomorrow! What a wonderful thought!


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