Heading South of the Equator


Day 40: London-Capetown, South Africa (17 October 2009) heading south of the equator

We got up on the earlier side this morning as there were still many things to do. I was starting to really feel a bit better and we headed out for a few last minute errands at the post office, supermarket and drug stores. We had some lunch that we got from our last trip to Sainsbury’s, repacked all of our bags after finishing the laundry, did a final sweep of the house and were on our way! It’s been so very nice to just hang out in London. We definitely did not get anywhere near as much stuff done as I would have liked since I really hadn’t felt well for most of the time we were here, but if you had to not feel well better that it was our time in London with a high level of care! I know Mathew was a bit disappointed that we didn’t do as much as we said we would try, but that just leaves more for next time, right? As we got to the airport we found out that we weren’t sitting together on the flight and that the shipping costs on the excess baggage we were going to send to Australia had nearly doubled. Nothing we could do about it but not a nice way to leave London. We muddled through and had some dinner at EAT at the airport. A few nice sandwiches and a brownie and I bought a PEOPLE magazine (and now feel much more caught up on the world’s gossip), a magnet and some chocolate, we changed British Pounds to South African Rand (smiling the entire time) and headed for the gate. British Airways flight # 59…Capetown here we come!!!!!


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