Our Week Off


Day 34-Day 39: London (12 October 2009-16 October 2009) our week off

It begins, our time in London which we’re sure by the end will feel as if it all rolls together as there are no big plans at all. Today we got up and had a really lazy morning. Oatmeal and peanut butter for breakfast (reminding us of our travels before Contiki) and then showers and off to meet Fiona (she’s still in London and hasn’t gone home yet since the wedding) for lunch at London Bridge station. After walking about an hour and a half on the Thames River through Southbank in London, we settled on eating at Giraffe. This is a chain of healthy eateries and it was delightful! We had yummy potato wedges and I had a great salad with beetroot and pumpkin and we had a nice time catching up with a friend. We wandered around the streets and the bookstore a bit, had a walk up the strand (the street with all of the broadway type shows) and took a picture outside of the Australian High Commission which was used in the Harry Potter movies as Gringott’s Bank! How cool! Wandered around a bit; went shopping for dinner, cooked dinner (same again-and Jeff mentioned that it was the healthiest he had eaten in a long time), hung out a bit and went to bed early for a great day of not too much of anything (well, besides lunch that is). Tomorrow…we’ll do it all over again!

Lazy morning number two-really nice not to hear your alarm at 5 something am-so ours wasn‘t even set at all (okay, during the school year I don’t like it at all but on holidays-yuck!)-and we relaxed on the couch with some breakfast as I was still not feeling one-hundred percent. My belly was just nowhere near up to par at the moment which definitely will put a damper on our time here and not allow us to cover as much ground as initially thought. You know the thing is that there’s a part of our brains that wants to use this time to see and do a lot of the things we haven’t yet in London and there’s another part that just wants to lay on the couch and not move for a week. We went for a short walk to the retail park to walk around a bit as Mathew had dinner plans with friends tonight. He met up with Aaron and Fortch at the Contiki Hotel that they met at ten years ago and I hung out at the house and relaxed. He came back, we went to bed…seems strange to need a break from your own holiday, but, such is life here in ruddy ole England!

This morning was a lazy one for me but Mathew headed out with Sean for a bit of a walk, a wander, some tea, a chat and some tickets! They went in to Leicester Square and picked up tickets for Billy Elliot tonight. He came back and I still wasn’t feeling well but we knew that we had tickets for tonight so we thought we’d wait on going to a doctor ( I know, don’t all yell at us at once please). We took it easy for the day and just hung around home and then went to the show which was utterly amazing! I would highly recommend it and can totally see why it won the Tony for best musical which I don’t typically say about anything other than Wicked! Came home, watched telly and went to bed around one something in the morning. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow; either antibiotics or the doctor or even both! Tomorrow…more London playtime!

Well, since I hadn’t eaten much in the past 24 hours I felt alright but really haven’t given my body a chance to see how it processes the food at all and see how I’m doing so we tried to figure that out; yeah, see that I don’t have medical degree for a reason and we definitely needed some help. We tried to figure out how to ship some things to Australia and I decided to take the CIPRO that I had with me to let the antibiotics have a chance to do something. Well, I gave up-we called the travel insurance and they gave me a referral to London Bridge Hospital and I saw a wonderful man, Dr. Jeffrey Harris right away. He gave me some other medicine and was a complete mensch! He also gave me a number for a same day doctor’s service that he runs in London that wherever you are in the greater London area you could see a doctor on the same day no matter what! How great is that! We left the hospital already mentally feeling better that he could rule out a few things and walked a bit through Borough Market so Mathew could have some lunch (a salt beef sandwich) and I got a pasty and some lemonade to see how I would feel and we picked up some groceries and stayed in for dinner hoping that I would feel better tomorrow! We could only hope!

I was doing a little better this morning and we headed to Leicester Square for some tickets to one more show in our time in London and Jeff was coming with us tonight. I was feeling a little better and had now had two rounds of the antibiotic which was good. We got tickets in orchestra (or the stalls if you’re in London) for Jersey Boys and after a quick stop at Lillywhites (like Models) we went to Wagamama’s for lunch. Now not sure if it was a wise thing but at least we knew what to get-we always get yasai gyoza (vegetable dumplings) and I get yasai yaki soba and Mathew gets yaki soba and never does it disappoint! We wandered around for a bit looking for a nail place which didn’t surface and eventually went back to the house to shower and change and then meet Jeff for the show tonight. We met Jeff at the theater right next to the fireman dressed as Paddington Bear collecting money for a charity cause and went in to see our second Tony award winning musical of the week and it was amazing! Not quite as ‘wicked able’ as Billy Elliot but excellent! We made our way through the bustling Friday night streets of Leicester Square in London, had a subway sandwich for me and a kebab for the boys and went back to the house to eat and sleep. Tomorrow is our last day in London…then AFRICA here we come!


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