The Day that Wasn’t


Day 31: Luxor, Egypt (9 Oct ‘09) the day that wasn’t

So, as you can imagine we never made it to the Valley of the Kings. I got up at 5am and asked James and Louise to tell Mayer that we wouldn’t be coming and to leave his mobile number at the desk just in case we needed a doctor or other medical attention, or at least more than we could provide for ourselves. I came back upstairs and read for awhile and we both slept until about 11am. We left the room as the cleaning person wanted to clean and found ourselves resting on the rooftop pool lounge for most of the day. We ate some toast to calm our tummies and people started to return in the afternoon. James and Louise picked us up some post cards as no one was allowed to take photos. They said they had an interesting time on the donkeys and that it was the hottest day so far and that the tombs were really dusty and that my asthma might have had some trouble anyway.

I called Megan as today was Homecoming and filled with minifies, pep rally, green and white day, the football game, float pushing and more homecoming fun and I hadn’t spoken to her in awhile. I had to go downstairs a bit as I was on the phone as the Call to Prayer happened at the same time and it was exceptionally loud up on the deck. We had visitors throughout the day and we relaxed until about 8pm when we had our final meeting on the roof after watching the sunset. We passed on dinner and finished packing and just rested for the rest of the evening trying to kick whatever had attacked us as we have a 4am wakeup call tomorrow to catch our flight from Luxor to Cairo and the official end of our tour. Tomorrow…back to Cairo!


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