Dinner on the Atlantic


Day 44: Capetown-Lambert’s Bay (21 October 2009)

This morning begins our twenty day journey from Capetown, South Africa to Victoria Falls in Zambia and we were ready! We got up this morning to a lovely breakfast which even had an omelet man at the buffet and it was included, yippee! After breakfast and bags to the coach at 8am we were off and running and on our way to Lambert’s Bay, which was our final destination for the day! Our first stop was for a view of Table Mountain at Table Bay as you know that we ran into the ocean with our bare feet and practiced flying over the water with the mountain in the background as we have many other times before this one.

After that gorgeous view and a dip in a very cold Atlantic we climbed the coast of South Africa to a winery where many people went inside for a tour of the winery and to see how wine was made. I stayed outside with a few others enjoying the sunshine, the view and the few deerlike animals that the winery had on the premises. Then we were on our way again for a bit of a drive and a quick lunch on the run stop, well, that’s what Paul calls it. It means that the coach stops somewhere by a little shop or two and you grab whatever you might want for lunch and either eat it outside while waiting for the coach to go again or it’s something that you can eat on the bus. He’s right though, sometimes when the food or the experience of eating is part of the culture then it makes sense to sit down for a long drawn out lunch, but when it’s not then lunch on the run is just fine! Anyway, after that quick lunch stop we made our way to Lambert’s Bay and stopped first at the Bird Island. This was an optional that cost twenty rand (so about three US dollars for those who don’t want to have to convert) to see thousands upon thousands of birds and some seals just hanging out together. It was awesome, they were just sitting and standing around enjoying their little bird lives!

Then we finally got to our guest house, Sir Lambert’s Guest House, a quaint little bed and breakfast situated about a five minute walk from the ocean and on a lovely piece of corner property. It had a whole bunch of bedrooms (not enough for all of though so some people were at a sister guest house just down the road), kitchen, backyard (with small little turtles), tv room, living room, full bedrooms for the family that lives there with their cute little dog Dolphi and just really nice facilities all around. We put our stuff down and of course, headed down to the ocean to say hello and found some amazing shells as well. We then headed back to change for dinner which was in a restaurant called Muisbosskerm, a completely open air restaurant on the Atlantic. It was awesome! A million course (mainly fish but with tons of veggies and salads too) buffet from freshly caught fish cooked course by course over open fires in hot cauldrons right in front of us. There was an appetizer of herring, olives and gerkins that was quite yummy. Then some of the fish courses included: angelfish, hate, row, calamari, herring and tons of others and there was the best sweet potato dish too. For the carnivores in the bunch there was also springbok. We watched the sunset, sat by the fire, drank good cider (Savannah Dry all the way) dined on great food, chatted, had some rooibos tea (specific to Southern Africa) and headed back to the guest house for a good night’s rest. Tomorrow: Namibia!


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