A journey to the seaside resort town


Day 49: Namibian Desert-Swakopmund, Namibia (26 October 2009)

We woke up to a beautiful sunrise over the mountains from our triple luxury room. We packed our bags, said goodbye to this lovely room, played with the dogs, had some breakfast and jumped in the van for our next adventure. We drove on what seemed to be the most dirt and rocks we had ever been on-the road was endless. Our first stop was at a town called Solitaire for supposedly the best apple streudel in all of Namibia. This bakery, run by a man named Moose Macgregor (cousins of Ewan Macgregor) is known on a national and international level and boy were those streudel a hit with everyone who had one. After that stop we had a few more scenic photo stops of mountains and landscape and one was thriving with quartz on the ground.

We finally reached a tar road which was a welcome surprise and made our way to Walvis Bay on the Atlantic Ocean. This little seaside town is just on the outskirts of Swakopmund, Namibia known for being the adventure capital and a favorite of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. They visit these two places a lot and just in between Walvis Bay and Swakopmund is where they stayed when she came to give birth. When we pulled up to Walvis Bay, you’ll never believe it, but, we were met by about 50 flamingoes just hanging on their one-legged perch as if they were waiting for us to arrive. They looked whiter than the ones you see in Florida, too. It was amazing to just see them standing there hanging out enjoying their one legged standing lives.

After enjoying the time with the flamingoes and jumping my feet into Walvis Bay and it’s squishy mud by the banks of sand & we headed to the Desert Explorer to watch a video of all of their dare-devilish activity that you could book for the next two days. They had sand boarding and skydiving and quad-bike riding (a favorite of Angelina’s kid Maddox apparently) and many other things.

We decided to do a Township tour for the morning seeing as that one gives you a chance to see a township primary school class in action. After the bookings we headed to our accomodation, the Swakopmund Lodge and settled in with our things. This one looked a bit more backpackerish and we had a huge room with two single/twin beds and a set of bunkbeds as well. We dropped our stuff and headed out for a wander around town through the huge street craft market selling African art, but, we were in search of food. Many of the restaurants were closed for the time being as it was in between lunch and dinner, so we settled for drinks and a few muffins from the local supermarket and made our way down to the ocean for a chance to leisurely watch another beautiful African sunset over the Atlantic Ocean. We walked the white sand beach for awhile and stopped at The Tug, a restaurant down on the water from where we could happily watch the sunset. As the wind picked up and the sky changed colors it got a bit chilly and the best part of the sunlit light show had ended so we headed back to the hotel to have dinner at the hotel restaurant. We had intended on getting a pizza but instead we changed our minds. I had a vegetarian plate that said baked potato, veggies and cheese sauce, so in my mind that’s what it would be, an open baked potato stuffed with veggies with a cheese sauce on top…boy was I wrong. What came out was delicious but unexpected…you see, it was a bunch of veggies, two spring rolls and a potato cut into a few pieces with a bit of cheese on top, like I said, different, but good. Now, my husband ordered chicken empestados which seemed to say skewered chicken, which for our American friends would be chicken and some veggies on a skewer…well, once again, delicious, but boy were we wrong. What came out was this huge contraption with a shazlick hanging down with pieces of chicken and some veggies on it and a baked potato on the bottom to hold it all together…it was a sight to see and like I said, thankfully, the service and the food were tremendous.

Anyway, we went back to the room after dinner, Mathew met up with some people at the bar upstairs and I stayed in to catch up with some people for the night via the phone. We get to spend a another full day in this beautiful Namibian resort sea side town and it’s already looking to be a delight. Tomorrow: Township Tour!

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