Fifty Things I Learned From Sleep Away Camp


Fifty Things I Learned From Sleep Away Camp

  • Dirt is good for you
  • Camp matters
  • Australian accents are my favourite
  • Maryann (the cook) made the best crumb cake
  • Childhood friendships last
  • Talent should be embraced
  • Warm fuzzies are real
  • Counselors make a difference
  • The smell of the Long Island Sound is special to me
  • Leadership, trust, faith, courage, determination, fairness, creativity & individuality
  • Show concern for others
  • Embrace differences
  • Always share your stuff
  • Everyone loves mail
  • Independence
  • Try new things
  • Always do your very best
  • I love foreign lands
  • Travel is filled with wonder
  • It truly is the simple things in life that matter most
  • My happy place is on the beach
  • Life is what you make it
  • Build relationships
  • Summer makes my heart smile
  • Carry a flashlight-you never know when you’ll need it
  • Include and value people
  • Laugh, sing, dance and dream
  • At any age-care packages rock!
  • Water fights/Food fights are fun
  • Few things in life beat s’mores on the beach with friends
  • Silk screening, calligraphy, cooking, athletics, painting, farm, equitation and swim change lives
  • Mr. Bill (the facilities manager) could fix ANYTHING
  • I love the smell of leaves after the rain
  • A friendship circle still warms my heart
  • The sound of taps played on a bugle evokes a flood of memories every time I hear it
  • Council fire is magical
  • Nature helps us grow
  • Everyone has to do capers at some point
  • Searching for sea glass calms my soul and finding ‘blue’makes my day
  • Wakanda smiles
  • Beach Sunday is a perfect way to start or end the week
  • If those walls could talk; those cabins hold endless memories and they are keepers of our secrets
  • Canteen always had what you wanted
  • Wear bug spray and sunscreen
  • Keep in touch no matter whose turn it is
  • There’s pride in winning honour cabin
  • Everyone should have ‘bug juice’ at least once in their lives
  • Remember camp songs and cabin nights
  • Camp gets into your soul and stays there
  • I am who I am because of CAMP!

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