Visit the City by the Sea



Long Beach, New York offers a fun-loving beach lifestyle just fifty minutes from Manhattan. This paradise, just a train-ride away from the center of New York City, awaits you. We have world-class beaches, award winning surf instructors, eclectic restaurants, live music & bars, ice cream shops, hotels and some of the softest sand your toes will ever meet.

With two hotels The Allegria and The Long Beach Hotel there are plenty of accommodations for those who wish to spend more than the day. Pack your surf boards, beach chairs & coolers & know that the train station, in the center of town, is just a short walk to the sand. Day-trippers can stock up on cold drinks and snacks at the Waldbaums adjacent to the station.  Walk south from the train, towards the ocean, and as you breathe in our salty sea air you’ll be at our newly built boardwalk. For just $12 you can enjoy the surf and sand of Long Beach all day long. Returning visitors might want to consider a summer pass that can be purchased at the entrance stands at a few of our beaches.

A new addition to Long Beach is our ‘shoregasboard’. Just next to the flying trapeze on the corner of Riverside and the beach, you’ll find food trucks from local eateries serving delicious cuisine from lobster rolls to fruit smoothies to keep beach goers satiated all day. Our city is filled with a multitude of dining opportunities offering a variety of mouth watering cuisine including delis, sushi, organic smoothies, fresh seafood, pizza, barbecue and some of the best bagels around.

Visitors will find a diverse city filled with a variety of activities. Take a surf lesson, browse our farmers market, treat yourself to a frozen yogurt at Tutti Frutti, spend an evening eating outside in the West End, or just enjoy a lazy day at the beach running your toes through our sand. Long Beach is a true city by the sea. We host craft fairs & concerts in the summer and parades all autumn long. Most days you’ll find locals fishing by the shore, doing yoga on the beach, stand up paddle boarding, taking surf lessons & even trying their first flight on the new trapeze overlooking the sea. The true polar bears among us even meet on the sand in February when thousands flock to Long Beach and happily plunge themselves into the icy cold ocean all in the name of charity.

Come visit our city by the sea and find your paradise. Spend a day basking in the sunshine and listening to the sound of the waves. Eat ice cream, visit our restaurants, have a cocktail at our hotels and hang ten with our surf instructors. One day at our shores and your soul will feel rejuvenated. And as you check your calendar to see the next time you can return, just know that once you’ve been here-you’ll always have a little bit of Long Beach sand in your shoes.

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