When in India-38 tips from our travels

Wherever your journey takes you...bring a smile.

Wherever your journey takes you…bring a smile.

  1. Do not drink the tap water
  2. Only eat cooked vegetables
  3. To check the seal of a water bottle: hold it sideways and tip and squeeze; if water exits at all-DO NOT DRINK!
  4. Metro system is easy to follow: don’t be afraid to go to the window to ask questions or assistance
  5. In markets…Bargain, Bargain, Bargain
  6. Bring sleep sheets; when traveling hotels and comfort levels are different
  7. Hot water in hotels is often on a boiler system – may only be turned on at certain times of the day & take time to heat up
  8. Lights go out, hot water is minimal – BE PATIENT

    Try different modes of transport

    Try different modes of transport

  9. Blackouts, brown outs and power surges are a regular occurrence-the power WILL go back on
  10. There are limited road rules-look in every direction at least twice before crossing a street (be aware of animals, carts, bicycles, rickshaws, tuk-tuks, pedestrians, cars and coaches)
  11. The rainy season is June and July
  12. Markets (as often in large cities) are filled with hawkers-Be savvy
  13. Local currency is available from ATMs (it’s often difficult to get rupees  from money exchanges outside of India)
  14. Bring a good bug spray and reapply often
  15. India is a country of a more traditional dress; women/men should cover from shoulders to knees & dress conservatively
  16. At Dehli Airport: there is NO money exchange inside the airport (past security); be sure to change money before you reach the security section; rupees are a difficult currency to change in your home country
  17. Check with your travel doctor before travel to be sure of vaccinations & medications needed
  18. Leave enough time to get your Indian visa (time needed for processing can vary-check with your local embassy)

    Follow rules & laws of the country you're in

    Follow rules & laws of the country you’re in

  19. Bring a money belt for security purposes when walking through crowded streets or visiting busy sites/markets
  20. Always carry the business card from your hotel (it will have the address written in local language)
  21. In choosing a taxi know that your options are local, non-air-conditioned, air-conditioned and luxury
  22. Be prepared for taxi drivers to need to ask directions often to get you to your destination. It is not uncommon for taxi drivers to take a fare and know the general idea of where they’re going but not the specifics (in our travels-this was our experience but each driver took the time to stop and ask a multitude of people directions to get us to our destination)
  23. If taking a taxi from Dehli airport-use the police station to get a secure taxi (do not hail one from the street)
  24. Take Acidophilus tablets or eat the local yoghurt to keep your ‘good bacteria’
  25. Do not give money to children on the street – food, clothing, or items are better options
  26. Try some of the meat-free dishes; if ever there was a place to be a vegetarian-India is it!
  27. Bring items from your home country that you might want to donate or share with others while traveling
  28. Ask before taking photos of locals – it is a sign of respect and do not photograph if someone says no

    Meet new people, chat with locals, & share your story with others who may become friends.

    Meet new people, chat with locals, & share your story with others who may become friends.

  29. Respect religious rules when in places of worship (shoes, head coverings, photographs, language, bags)
  30. There will be poverty, despair, homelessness, opulence, extravagance & endless aromas – Be prepared
  31. Bring anti-nausea meds, tums, mints, gum or ginger tablets to help with an upset tummy
  32. Don’t be afraid to try the street food – just be sure to get a recommendation from a reputable source
  33. Spices are readily available – be sure they are in a sealed package and TSA friendly if you want to bring them home
  34. Carry both rupees and another currency with you at all times (ie: US dollar, Euro, British pound)
  35. At Dehli Airport: women are frisked in a separate secure cubicle; be prepared for the difference
  36. Embrace the diversity
  37. If you want it to be the same as you’re used to….stay home!
  38. It’s India-be flexible, bring patience and wear a smile

    Stop for a moment. Take notice. Look around and enjoy the view.

    Stop for a moment. Take notice. Look around and enjoy the view.

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