Traveler Interview #6: A Lady in London’s Julie Falconer

Traveler Interview #6: A Lady in London’s Julie Falconer

The travel community is filled with incredibly interesting people. Julie Falconer, of A Lady in London is one of them. Research and social media has given me the opportunity to reach out to a few prominent bloggers who are living life on their own terms. Perhaps Julie’s story will inspire you to bring the gift of travel more to the forefront of your life in a way that works for you.

Interview with A Lady in London (Julie Falconer)

1.When did you get started traveling? My first trip was to England and Scotland when I was five years old. My grandmother was from Glasgow, so my mother wanted me and my brother to see her country. I started traveling on my own when I went to a language school in Nice when I was 18. I spent most weekends in European cities, and I discovered a passion for travel.

2.What made you decide make the jump to a location independent/travel heavy existence? I’m not location independent; I live in London. That said, I travel so much I wouldn’t blame someone for thinking I was a digital nomad!

3.What benefits do you feel you get from this lifestyle? How do you handle the nay-sayers in your life? I love having the independence to run my own business and travel as and when I need to. I didn’t let the nay-sayers get to me when I first started, and now that it’s been four years, there aren’t many nay-sayers left!

4.How did you save money to be able to afford living ‘on the road’? How long did it take you to make the jump to a location independent life? I saved money from the job I had before I quit to run my blog full-time. It took about six months.

5.How do you choose your destinations and for how long you’ll stay? What type of accommodations do you typically choose? Are there any specific resources you recommend? Most of my trips are for work, so someone else chooses how long I stay and what hotels I stay in.

6.How do you make money on the road and save for retirement? I run my blog as a business, and I also speak, teach, consult, and plan trips for clients.

7.How do you handle visas, vaccinations, legal documents/passports, taxes and healthcare while living in a new country? It’s a process, but I have learned to navigate the British system over the past six years.

8.If you decide to settle somewhere – where and when do you think it will be? I decided to settle in London because I wanted to get back to Europe and at the time it was relatively easy for Americans to get visas to live and work here.

9.What advice do you have for others trying to make the jump to a location independent/travel heavy lifestyle? It helps to have a plan and be very organized and self-motivated. Having a positive attitude helps as well, as there are some elements to making the transition that are harder than others.

To find out more; check out A Lady in London.


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