Peace, Love and Sandy Feet



Summer is here and beach season is upon us. For those who mark time by the raising of lifeguard stands at the unofficial start of summer…it’s here. Living in a beach town you notice these things. In September, the crowd begins to ebb and the frolicking children head back to school. Locals let out a collective sigh at the sight of the less crowded sand. But now, it’s the opposite. This past week trucks, people, artists, lifeguards, contractors, more surfers, vendors and even the iFly troupe have shown up taking their appropriate spots and fulfilling their necessary tasks. Beach season is upon us. As of this weekend, Long Beach is akin to Kevin Costner’s field in Iowa…people will come. They’ll come for the sand and stay for the nighttime concerts. They’ll venture out from the city by train to feel the warm sand between their toes and remember a simpler time when nothing mattered but when to flip for the least tan lines and which ice cream flavor to choose. They’ll come for the waves and stay for the craft fairs and the food truck ‘shorgeasboard’ and delight in the free spirit of nature at its summer’s best.


For anyone who has ever felt the draw of nature (be it the sea of otherwise), that feeling is now in parts of the northern hemisphere and most certainly in Long Beach, NY. School is almost out and work will slow for this long weekend when honoring our servicemen and women and spending time with family and friends take precedence over all else. For the camper in me, summer means no more school, laughter with camp friends and warmth both internal and external. Although I no longer have the school year with which to start and end, I have always marked the changing of the guard with the unofficial start of summer finding a huge smile on my face and spring in my flip-flop laden step. The sight of that bright orange lifeguard stand, the opening of food trucks and the flood of people who will now join year ‘round beachgoers and delight in the magic of the sea uplift me.


Here’s to summer. Here’s to…

Salty sea air
Warm summer breezes
Ice cream
Splashing in the waves
Eating outside
Sand between our toes
A no worries attitude
Laughter with friends
Shooting stars
Lazy days
Sunsets and late nights
Outdoor adventures
Sports by sunlight and streetlamp
Hot tea on those cooler mornings
Time with family and friends
Flip flops and happy feet
Boardwalk and beach walks
Picnics where nature takes center stage
Staying up late
Yoga in the mornings
Evening walks


Honor & thank our servicemen & women, cherish each other and come together this weekend.

It begins today!

So, from one beach goer to another…happy summer!

See you on the sand!


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  1. Hooray! Summer is finally here and I plan to get as much sandy time as I can squeeze in both here in HK and NY!

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