20 tips for a perfect beach day…anywhere!



It’s summer in New York. For me, summer means sandy feet, beach days, long walks, boardwalk time, picnics, sarongs, adventures, barbecues, outdoor entertainment and ice cream. Each day people flock to the sand to enjoy their own ‘perfect’ beach day. The people we often sit with on the weekends at Azores Beach often categorize the day and smile wide when they exclaim, ‘today is a perfect 10!’ Sun, sand and serenity are often parts of their measuring scale. Long Beach is at max capacity in the summer and often you’ll find some of our favourite locals looking forward to Labor Day when the hoards will disappear and ownership of the sand returns to those who live her year ‘round. During those winter months, many of us look to escape the cold and recreate those days of summer in a warmer climate. How do we make that ‘perfect 10’ day on the sand happen again?

How do we ‘bring back summer’?


  1. Sunscreen and your favourite hat
  2. An umbrella (if you wish)
  3. Sand between your toes
  4. Beach chair or towel (whichever your preference)
  5. Some form of frozen treat (whichever your pleasure)
  6. Snacks (always taste better on the beach)
  7. Some sort of cooler to keep your drinks cold and snacks cool
  8. Reading material
  9. Frisbee (or other beach toys/games)
  10. The knowledge that sitting and being is actually important!
  11. Relishing time out in nature
  12. Healing powers of the salty sea air
  13. Realizing that anytime during your stay is a good time for a nap
  14. A plastic bag or bucket to collect your beach treasures (shells, rocks)
  15. Knowing that beach walks can happen at any minute
  16. Taking pleasure in the little things
  17. The ability to sit and know that your time is well spent
  18. Knowing you’re making memories right this minute
  19. Listening to the sound of the waves and enjoying the smell of the sea
  20. Finding perspective in the white caps of the waves


What’s your perfect beach day?

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  1. This is a great post Stacey. I agree 100%. And if all of that were not enough, something about sand and salt when you dive into the waves, it’s the best exfoliation for your skin— everyone looks 5 years younger after a day at the beach and feels 10 years younger. “The Beach” is the best place on earth….

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