15 things on the mind of a girl who loves to travel

Over water bungalows - Moorea, French Polynesia

Over water bungalows – Moorea, French Polynesia

If you met me in my youth, you would have said there’s a girl who loves the beach, her friends, chocolate, summer camp and is looking towards a university adventure. If you met me any time after university you’d say there’s a girl who loves the beach, her friends, summer camp, chocolate and especially world travel. Loving the accents of my Camp America counselors in my youth and then bitten by the bug in my early twenties, I’ve never since been the same. Luckily, with the issues of survival (food, water, shelter and let’s add health to that) thankfully and most appreciatively met at this time, there are often other things on my mind and travel is ALWAYS at the forefront. My friends constantly remind me that I’m lucky that my husband has that same adventure spirit or they’re sure he’d go insane.

Scenic views of London

Scenic views of London

For my travel friends, they understand. Some we’ve met on the road capture that same spirit and deal with the same vice regularly. Yes, I do agree, it’s the journey and not the destination, but both of those things continue to pop into my brain more times a day than I can count-it’s sort of an addiction. Surrounded by maps and globes and all things travel, I find myself reminiscing, dreaming, or planning many times throughout the day. There are the places I’d like to return to, a new place that’s really intriguing, the ‘list for when we’re older’ and the sites that seem like they’re just within our grasp. There are the road trips we’d like to plan, the short or long journeys to link with others and always the question, how can we fit in another visit to Australia? Whether it be an overnight stay with a bit of sightseeing thrown in or a one-year jaunt around the world…I’m in!

Sunset at the Watering Hole - Etosha National Park, Namibia

Sunset at the Watering Hole – Etosha National Park, Namibia

15 things on the mind of a girl who loves to travel

  1. Most travel quotes speak to me…I wonder what they’re trying to tell me?
  2. A smell or taste transports me back to a different setting smack in the middle of a memory
  3. Photos carry me back in time to relive the moments of the journey
  4. How can we relive that ‘travel’ feeling in the everyday?
  5. Let’s go on an adventure today-anywhere!
  6. Don’t you want to go there too?
  7. How can I fit that all into the same holiday?
  8. Maybe we can make that layover into a stopover-come on!
  9. A girl can never have too many maps
  10. Of course, I always have my passport-you never know when a spur of the moment adventure will occur!
  11. Let’s make that meal like we had when we were in _________!
  12. Can we go ____________… wait, do we need visas, vaccinations or medication for that place?
  13. Of course that’s on THE LIST!
  14. Travel has changed my perspective and I wouldn’t change a thing.
  15. There’s always room for travel!
Kurumba - Maldives

Kurumba – Maldives

Do you have the same travel vice?

Do you smile more when you’re travel dreaming?

Where do you want to go to next?

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  1. This 15 thoughts are applicable for male travelers as well. I believe so. How can I fit that all into the same holiday? Well, its a matter of time management with a twist of budgeting and of course these all depends upon your main interest. It’s better to see as much beautiful spots at a time. However, if you overcrowd your tour itinerary, you may end up being exhausted and unsatisfied. One of the main reasons why people do travel is to enjoy and to learn.

    • Yes-absolutely they are applicable to anyone who has a similar vice…these just happen to be some of the ones running through my head many times a day. We all travel for many reasons and experiences of learning, joy and fulfillment are just some of the many. Thanks so much for reading. Cheers, Stacey

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