National Geographic Travel Honours Travelers of the Year 2014

National Geographic Travel Honours Travelers of the Year 2014

‘Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.’- Marc Anthony

For years we’ve all heard this comment but for me, it was floated again when I resigned from teaching to follow a different path and carve out a new journey. I love to travel. I’ve loved it for years and there’s a freedom while traveling that I’ve yet to find elsewhere. That feeling of lightness, curiosity and that anything is possible is palpable and tangible whenever there’s an adventure. In between those travels (when there’s a bit of time to recoup financially), I find myself searching for those feelings at home. I’ve found many who know exactly what I mean and feel the same way. They may describe it as bliss, a tranquility or even the feeling of knowing you’re a small part of a bigger world-but there’s a kinship, and travelers understand.

After gifts of a few ‘round the world holidays the idea of location-independence is regularly on my mind. Is it possible for us to have the ability to work and travel whenever and wherever we choose? Can we stop chasing that freedom and have it with us endlessly? Could we find a way to make it work for us? Whether it’s full-time, part-time, travel with a purpose, or whatever works for you-that constant state of bliss is something truly attainable.

Travel breaks down barriers and there are travelers who do the same. We defy stereotypes, open minds, share stories, obliterate comfort zones and do our best to face our fears. Strangers become friends and kindness knows no boundaries. People often say that your true character shows through travel-you really get to know someone.  Reactions to situations shine through and tell true tales. What do you do when your luggage is lost? What happens if it rains the entire time of an island getaway? How do you handle a visa discrepancy? Travel forces situations that are often different than the ones at ‘home’, but it’s the reactions that tell the story and are part of the journey. That quest or search for every traveler is different but if you can capture the magic in the middle-you’re already ahead of the game.

Yesterday, National Geographic Travel announced their ten travelers of the year for 2014. What an honour for them! From reading their interviews, I imagine this diverse group feels the same. Some travel constantly, some have had that ‘one’ trip of a lifetime that changed their course and others are back from their travels plotting their new direction. No matter where the journey takes them-these honourees are living life on their own terms with travel at the forefront and everyday feeling the gifts of travel. Take a look at their interviews and peruse their stories. Who know, it just might set you on a course for your own version of an adventure! Congratulations travelers! Safe and happy travels….see you on the road!

Tambra Raye Stevenson: NativSol Kitchen

Rebecca Rothney: Pack for a Purpose

The Inion Family: Travel Deep & Wide

Joe Foley: Travels of JoFo

Liz Zipse & Kip Patrick: 1 of 7

The Gilbert Family: Almost Fearless

Melinda MacInnis: The Price

Greg Gross: I’m Black and I Travel

Dalene & Peter Heck: Hecktic Travels

Heather Finnecy: From What I Can See

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