It’s October!

It’s October!

October is here and I find myself already yearning for summer’s sunshine and adventures far beyond my post code. The temperature is dropping a bit and mornings are cooler than middays. Leaves are turning from their summer green to autumn reds and oranges and the pumpkin explosion assaults every sense whether walking through a festival or supermarket. Parks seem filled with apple ciders, pumpkin carving demos and if it’s not Halloween displays in stores they’re already getting set for the December holidays-seriously? Where did summer go?

I’m a flip flop fan who thrives on sunshine and sea breezes and gains strength with every passing wave. Seagulls seemed to have made a permanent home outside my building on the beach just waiting for the few beach-goers to bring them something yummy to eat. Surfers still hit the waves in search of that sweet spot while autumn sunsets continue to astound with their colourful designs. Yet, I still am ready for adventure. My mom always told me that I often thought the ‘grass was always greener’ somewhere else. When I was younger, I definitely thought she was correct and often wanted to fly the coop to see life’s happenings in other places. Today, though, I am more than happy and contented with life on the ocean and feel blessed and regularly lucky to have the opportunities, friends and adventures that I’ve had. Days are filled with smiles (mostly) and nights are spent feeling lucky, enjoying life and of course, plotting the next adventure!

I find myself often asking the question-‘what do other people do’? There seems to be a part of me that truly wants to understand the lives and communities of others. What does a typical Tuesday look like in your house? What are your go to recipes for dinner? What is it that your family does to celebrate a milestone or holiday? I know life is different in each household, community, country and continent and perhaps it’s that curious traveler in me that yearns for the knowledge and details and just plain, more.

It’s October and I guess autumn means pensive thought and travel itches for me. When I was teaching, I knew exactly when the next holiday breaks were and would do my best to have something booked for the next one as soon as returning from the last. Now, in my life outside the traditional education system, we can make our holiday plans not at the most peak season, but off season or between season or just as long as there’s the cash to cover it season! Should we follow the sun and see where the wind takes us or set off on a magical journey to far off lands (or ones closer to home) for longer than a few days and find out how life is lived in another place (even if it’s not the warmest of destinations)? Who knows, but to have the ability of choice and the power to even entertain this idea is a gift neither of us take for granted.

It’s October. My former students are building their Homecoming floats hoping to have just the right balance of glitter and foam board that their images will WOW the judges. My friends with kids are heading to festivals picking the pumpkins and decorating faces that will awe walkers by as the pumpkins live out their lives on their new front porch. My traveling friends are either off already or counting the sleeps left to head to adventures like Samoa and the Galapagos and we are somewhere in between. We’re just back from a wonderful Maldivian holiday and ready to plan the next-whether it’s a road trip or crossing an ocean on planes-we’re ready.

The ocean outside my window greets me every morning and waves goodnight each evening-never disappointing and always ready to listen. The summer sunshine is headed to greet our Aussie friends to turn their winter doledrums into warm, joyous laughter. We’re in that in between stage of hot chocolate mornings and iced tea afternoons. Is this your favourite season or one that starts your travel plans churning to find the summer sunshine once again? It’s October…what are you doing?

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  1. Hi Stacey:

    I LOVE October — the leaves changing, what could be better?

    Off to Nevada, Utah and Arizona. In the Grand Canyon, as we “speak.” Decided on the North Rim because there’s more forest, therefore, more changing of the leaves — the birch are ablaze of yellow. Absolutely gorgeous! That Canyon is some BIG hole, alright. Vegas tomorrow and home on Wednesday. Hoping the leaves are still on the trees in NY.

    Good luck on your next travel decision. NO decision to travel is a bad decision.

    • Thanks, Kathy! So glad you liked the post and are happily enjoying October travel. Enjoy the west, it’s definitely beautiful and the leaves will still be on the New York trees when you return. I agree-‘no decision to travel’ is a bad one! Safe home! xo

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