Wheels Up!


I can’t believe it! The day has finally arrived! We’re heading off on a grand adventure driving across the United States to spend a North American winter in San Diego. There’s been so very much travel dreaming and planning that the day just kind of snuck up on me.

There’s still stuff on the floor of the apartment waiting to be thrown in a box or a bag or shoved somewhere deep into the car abyss, but as the lights from the boats in the ocean sparkled and the stars danced in the dark night sky last night, it’s as if the ocean and its inhabitants were saying so long, enjoy and we won’t forget. Mother nature certainly creates amazing gifts.

When we’ve gone on other trips that involve airplanes, I typically get excited as we finally go through passport control and security – knowing that there’s nothing more to do but to go and explore. This one is different since there’s no airplane and we are the pilots of the journey. It’s invigorating to know that we can head to wherever the wind takes us, yet a bit daunting to be fully in charge. Who knew that big road trips were metaphors for life?

Either way, I think I’m a bundle of nerves, excitement, interest, joy, curiosity and wonder all rolled into one at the moment. Things will get packed (or they won’t), the apartment will get cleaned (or it won’t) and after a brekkie at our favourite bagel cafe, we’ll be on our way into the wide world of adventure that seems to be one of life’s unknowns in which I am truly comfortable.

Travel, like the beach, is my happy place. The curiosity, whimsy, spontaneity, people, stories, magic, sights, sounds, smells and all things in between tickle me in all the right spots and fill me with a wonder that is otherwise tempered by the mundane. There’s life to be lived in these years and we don’t want to be filled with ‘what if’s’ or ‘should haves’…so we’re taking the risk and just going.

Who knows where the winding roads will take us but, just like life, I imagine…it’s all part of the journey. The geographic destination may be the sun-filled beaches of San Diego but the adventure begins when we pull out of our car park and head towards the unknown. Normally, that sentiment wouldn’t sit so well with me….but this time, I can truly say, ‘I can’t wait’!

Join us on our travels as we check out various cities, national parks and some of the kitschy roadside attractions of Route 66. First stop…Baltimore, Maryland!

It may be the Pacific instead of the Atlantic & California sand instead of that of Long Island’s south shore…but we’ll always have a shell in our pocket and sand in our shoes ! Happy Holidays, Long Beach..see you in the spring!

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  1. Hi Stacey: Just reading your blog NOW. OK, NOW I get it. Have a wonderful time. One of the best trips I’ve ever taken, believe it or not, was a road trip. So NOT scheduled! It was great not to be catching a plane or train. So, relax and enjoy. A great place, if you’re into Frank Lloyd Wright, is “Falling Water” and “Kentuck Knob.” Loved them! Maybe they’re on your way. Have a wonderful time and WRITE, Write, write! Love, –K

  2. Stacey, Matthew– we are so excited for you both. Never has the phrase “it’s about the journey, not the destination” been more apropos. Can’t wait to read more blog entries, and hear all about the french-fries across 50 states!

    • Thanks so very much, Jacqueline! We really appreciate all of the support and have already tasted some chips in Maryland and Tennessee….will keep you posted! Happy holidays. Cheers, Stacey 🙂

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