Headed East for a visit!


Long Beach, NY

Tonight we fly to New York for a visit. Weird. I’ve never before heard myself say ‘New York’ and ‘visit’ in the same sentence since for almost forever it’s been my home base. We know how to ‘visit’ Melbourne, Australia and of course ‘visit’ friends in other places, but never ‘visit’ New York.

According to Dictionary.com, ‘to VISIT is: to go to and stay with (a person or family) or at (a place) for a short-time for reasons of sociability, politeness, business, curiosity, etc.’

I guess ours is a bit different as we’re headed back to our apartment at Sunrise Point East in Long Beach, New York. This apartment has seen us come and go many times before now. There have been weekend getaways, week long trips, three month escapades and a one year departure, but we’ve always returned to this studio apartment on the Atlantic. It’s been our home, our haven from afar, our comfortable oasis on the sand, a space to make a lifetime of memories and a spot we hold very dear.

We’re looking forward to this visit. As we do in Melbourne, we’ve done our best to schedule in some of the most important while leaving room for those on-a-whim moments or to steal an hour for a yoga class, walk on the boardwalk or a stop at a few of our favourite establishments.

I remember the years after graduating university and heading north to Boston for a weekend trying to figure out how on earth to pack in four years of friends, restaurants, haunts, and flexible time into a short forty-eight hour period. I would have had to eat every hour on the hour to even make a dent. And what time would that leave for fluid motion of random encounters and ‘I just thought I’d pop by’ kind of moments? What if you just wanted to take an hour, sit in your favourite spot and enjoy the moment? How does that fit in?

Although not looking forward to the winter-weather advisory in effect for the first day of Spring, we’re excited to return. Marvel is open for the season and at the approach of spring our city comes alive knowing that it’s best season is just around the corner. Summer planning is already underway. The calendar of events starts to fill up and lifeguards and can see the sunlight in front of them for the two month away arrival of those bright orange lifeguard stands and the opening of ‘beach season’. Surf programs begin to reopen and the city readies itself for the summer rush.

We’re excited to head home to see family and friends, reconnect with colleagues past, eat at those oh so special places and hang by the Atlantic for a few. If you’re in town and want to pop by we’ll be bundled up on our favourite beach running our toes in whatever sand we can find. Come say hello!

Have you ever returned to ‘visit’ a place you’ve spent a large portion of life? How does your experience compare?

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    • Thanks, Kevin! Stopped by FHS and many people said hello. So many mentioned that throughout the entire winter they kept thinking of you and me in warmer climates! Hope you’re well. xo

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