It’s June


the gift of the beach in Coronado, San Diego

As a former teacher, I can remember that feeling of knowing you made it to this month and how that was an accomplishment in itself. The calendar turns to the start of summer and the countdown of school days left reaches single digits. Seniors see graduation in the near future while the insanity that is June hits all parts of the school community. Finals and proms, retirement parties and banquets, inductions and picnics, yearbooks and report cards and everything in between make their way through the districts.

As my Facebook feed fills with comments of teachers and parents about the hectic month ahead and the pot at the end of the rainbow filled with endless beach days; here I sit in San Diego amidst none of the madness. This is my second June outside of the classroom and my first in California. It’s strange how different the meaning of June is in a world without the start and end of a school year. Still, the knowledge of summer’s arrival is there, but the same need for it I felt in New York is no longer present.

It’s strange what life outside of education and New York are about. The year doesn’t have a start and finish, and in San Diego, the same can be said for ‘summer’. Yes, students and teachers know that the ease of summer holidays are around the corner, but for those outside of the walls, well, it’s just, June. There’s more baseball to watch, a few more crowds on the sand, and the outdoor movie scene explodes, but, other than that, it’s still life as you know it. It’s different here. For only the second time in my entire life, I’ll be leaving the country in August and heading to the other side of the world shrouded in winter. This would never happen if we were in New York.

Still on this adventure and journey of travel and mind-opening joy, we’re finding our feet. May grey and June gloom are phrases kicked around by locals who know that as soon as the clouds lift, the sun will be there to greet them. Farmers markets are just as filled, people seem to have that extra kick in their step and the streets will be ever more crowded as the population rises as the months progress. This friendly city, in the southwest corner of the country, is treating us well. We’re just steps to the beach and the baseball, and our stay here in California is fun and filled with learning. We’ve found a joy of hiking when there’s limited pollen around to make everything itch. We’ve found our taste buds agree with living in the land of avocados and fish tacos. The husband has continued a love of all things craft beer and I’ve learned that with perfect beach day access not limited to twelve weeks a year that I am willing to ‘leave the beach’ to experience and explore other things. Who knew?

On this never-ending quest for adventure and to find the best way to merge life, travel and jobs, we are learning as we go. We’re figuring out what works for us and how to make that location independence idea more of a reality. Maybe it will be work ten months and travel two, maybe it will be plop ourselves somewhere for five years and travel throughout the surrounding area, maybe it will be online commitments and continuous travel, or maybe we’ll find that forever spot and see what happens-who knows, but we’re searching and that’s enough to make our hearts smile at the moment.

For now, we’re here, entering June in southern California. Amidst work and travel, we’ll continue to take some time to work on that ever important personal growth while conquering some hiking trails, checking out some outdoor movies and running our very happy toes in the Pacific coast sand. Wherever you’re spending June (whether entering summer or winter), take a few moments for yourself and enjoy where you are in the world.

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  1. I am also a teacher who is not working this year. So June feels rather odd as well. Without the huge stress, I hardly know what to do with myself 🙂 I found you via your travels to Egypt on another site. I am soon off to teach in Cairo so next June will be back to normal. I look forward to following you on your travels. Cheryl

    • Hi Cheryl-Thanks for connecting. I’m curious, on what site did you find my blog? Totally understand the ‘weirdness’ that is June without being in a school setting, it’s definitely strange. Good luck in Cairo-I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time. Looking forward to connecting again soon. Happy travels. Cheers, Stacey

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