One Lovely Blog Award…I’m honoured!


Although Mercury has been in retrograde and sinus headaches have been playing games amidst the humidity increase in southern California, this past week has been interesting. I went to my first San Diego County fair, got a new writing gig, took on a new event client and was nominated for two blog awards. Funky sinuses, be damned!


According to the rules of blog awards, there’s a bit I have to do to in order to keep this award. First, thanks, Kevin. I’m honoured to receive the One Lovely Blog Award from you. Hard to believe that it was only a short while ago that we spent time chatting about all things ‘WordPress’ in a stuffy school building, yet, today we’re each settled (for the time being) thousands of miles away trying out life a different way. Whether teaching, advising or pursuing other fulfilling ventures, the universe seems to find a way to bring us together.

Second, it seems that the One Lovely Blog Award wants me to share five things about myself. Should they be things you already knew or something meant to shock you right out of your flip flops? I don’t know, but either way, here goes…

1. I always wanted to run away and join the circus. Perhaps I should thank my parents for this one, or better yet, Dr. Seuss. From the moment my dad first read me If I ran the Circus, I was hooked. Maybe it was my time spent as a gymnast or getting to go around in the little train at Ringling Bros. in my youth or all of those Cirque du Soleil shows, but I thought I was destined to be the girl on the trapeze or the one who spun around by her neck never looking dizzy or worse for wear. These days I take my circus arts in the form of anti-gravity yoga and find myself smiling from ear to ear flipping tricks in my trusty hammock.


2. I adore avocado. Whether on a sandwich, a chip, or a spoon-smashed, blended or in original form, I love avocados. These orbs of goodness, known as alligator pears in Australia, give this vegetarian happy fat and a happy tummy. Perhaps I was destined to spend some time in southern California just an hour or so from Fallwood, the apparent avocado capital of the world!

3. I believe in the benefits of camp. From a very young age I went to day camp. When I was just a few years older, I went to sleep away camp and although I’m sure it was difficult for my parents to do so, I believe it was one of the best decisions they ever made. Most of what I needed to know in life, I learned from camp. It’s a place where kids can be kids and learn by doing, tinkering and trying. Counselors teach lessons without even knowing and strangers become friends for life with an unbreakable bond forged in dirt, s’mores and bug juice.

4. I think a little bit of glitter makes everything better. I had a teacher in high school who changed my world. She introduced me to SING and Senior Show, gave me leadership opportunities in a variety of extracurricular clubs and made high school fun. Every banner, sign, and piece of scenery needed to ‘pop’ from afar, and the answer was glitter. That (and I hope many other aspects I learned from her) came with me in my own teaching and advisory career. Somehow I find it impossible to be sad when glitter is around. I know, some call it ‘the devil’s dust’ or so many other names, but I love it. I don’t mind finding it months later in some strange location as it reminds me of life’s constant sparkle. There are times in life when little can be done to make another smile…my answer…ADD GLITTER!

5. I once got a back massage from an elephant. Seems strange, right? This 4 foot eleven little girl would seemingly be crushed under the weight of an elephant, but here I am to tell the tale. In the few hours of our entire trip in Phuket, Thailand that I spent away from the sand, this happened. We spent the day learning about the process of getting rice from field to plate, were pulled around by oxen and got up close and personal to elephants old and young. My smile was as wide after this experience as it was the first time I held a koala or the day I swam with dolphins-and that’s saying something!

Elephant massage in Thailand-Stacey Ebert

Now I get to nominate 5 blogs for the One Lovely Blog Award. Here they are…

Gluten Free Globetrotter: Erin Smith, a former camper of mine, chronicles her life and travels living gluten free in a world filled with gluten. She shares her joy of travel by showing others how to eat safely around the world. Part motivation, part encouragement and part travel, Erin urges others living with Celiac Disease ‘to embrace your gluten-freeness and not limit yourself’.

Uncornered Market: Dan and Audrey are travelers. They switched gears and chose a life of travel, adventure and storytelling and haven’t looked back. Their blog shares their journey from San Francisco to Prague and lands beyond. When I heard their story, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of kinship. Listening to their conference lectures reminds me of the way we, too, look at the world today.

The Edventure Project: The Miller family is a world schooling family. Mom, dad and four kids have been traveling the world for the past seven plus years. Their blog has more than one focus, but aside from chronicling their travels, they are ‘dedicated to combining education and adventure for families everywhere’. This free-spirited family takes you on adventures across continents, by many modes of transport, sharing their educational journey and travel exploits.

Jessie on a Journey: A solo traveler from New York, Jessie invites readers to share her journey and tries to inspire others to have an adventure of their own. As one who changed direction from the 9-5 to the travel heavy lifestyle and career, Jessie wants to encourage people to explore the world and find their own travel happy.

Dreamtime Traveler: Reka Kaponay, a thirteen year old girl from Melbourne, Australia is traveling around the world with her family. Her blog shares her story about how she and her family sold all of their belongings and have been traveling and world-schooling ever since. As an educator, this eloquent blog written by a young teenager shows just how much you can accomplish when the world is your classroom and travel your teacher.

For the next lucky nominees of the One Lovely Blog Award, I hope your weekend is positive, productive and fun…here are your rules…happy blogging!

Thank and link to the nominator.

Display the award badge.

Reveal five facts about myself.

Nominate five blogs, link to each one, and then notify the bloggers.




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