Six months in San Diego

Mat's birthday - on the bridge near Petco Park - the gift of travel

Mat’s birthday – on the bridge near Petco Park

We’ve been in San Diego for six months now. What we thought might be a refuge from the frost has become a haven for more than just vitamin D. We like it here. There’s freedom and flexibility, year ‘round sunshine and sand, access and ease and a relaxed atmosphere. I know, sometimes it’s as if we’re a record on repeat, but it’s what we’ve found. In six months we’ve:

at Torrey Pines - the gift of travel

Hiking trails in Torrey Pines State Natural Preserve


  • We enjoy hiking in open spaces – especially where water is visible
  • Cold in San Diego (CA) and cold in Long Beach (NY) have very different meanings
  • Travel is not all about seeing new things, but, more about achieving a new mindset
  • No matter where we are, we enjoy meeting those with similar mindsets & international experiences
  • We spend most of our lives outside and love it that way
  • Life doesn’t have to feel hectic, rushed and busy all the time; ease is good
  • It truly is the simple things
  • Asking for help isn’t only okay; sometimes it’s necessary
  • There are times when being a grown up totally sucks!
  • Finding your happy is paramount to always pleasing others and ignoring your own joy
  • Everyone has his/her own struggle; yours are no less or more important
  • Some relationships withstand distance, others don’t
  • What you do matters!
  • Just because ‘everyone’s doing it’ doesn’t mean it’s for you
  • It only has to work for you!
at Cabrillo National Monument - the gift of travel

At Cabrillo National Monument – San Diego

Adventured To

  • Anza Borrego Desert State Park for a touch of bighorn sheep and all things desert
  • Disneyland® for the park’s 60th anniversary celebration
  • Phoenix, Arizona for Spring Training of the Cactus League
  • Check out the whimsical nature of trees at Joshua Tree National Park
  • The USS Midway for tours, yoga, ceremonies and an outdoor movie
  • Petco Park to watch the Padres take on their National Team counterparts
  • Beaches galore to run our toes through miles and miles of west coast sand
  • RV parks to go in search of another adventure
  • Many of the city’s craft breweries
  • The San Diego Zoo and Safari Parks and purchased an annual pass
  • Balboa Park, Torrey Pines, Cabrillo Point, Iron Mountain and a handful of other hiking trails
  • Our first ever county fair to experience pig racing and Australian battered potatoes
4th of July - San Diego - the gift of travel

At the marina on the Embarcadero – headed to 4th of July fireworks by the USS Midway


  • The way we respond to stressful situations
  • The foods we often choose to eat
  • Our outlook on life and the world around us
  • Our ability to go with the flow
  • The idea that we can put ourselves on equal footing with others
  • The knowledge that what we want does matter and can enter into decision making
  • How we react to others questions and requests
  • How and where we choose to spend our time
And they lived happily ever after - the gift of travel

Courtesy of the 60th Anniversary 24 – hour celebration at Disneyland®

We have friends with little ones. It’s easy to track time through their growth stages while we all, of course, don’t feel as if we’ve gotten any older. We’ve seen more growth in these six months than in the many before passed. It’s a mindset modification, a change in direction, a shift in attitude and action taken on all three. There’s no set date, no definitive anything and we hope all things are options. Thanks for the progress assistance, San Diego…’s to further developments!


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  1. I am so happy you are enjoying the West Coast. It sounds like a perfect match for you two!

    Your Torrey Pines picture reminded me of when I went there and managed to hike down to an all-nude, all-male beach. It was quite a shocking site!!

    • Hey Erin! Thanks for the kind words! I can imagine that hike was a bit shocking-haven’t had that experience but can imagine it was quite shocking! Come visit anytime! Be happy, my friend. 🙂

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