Forty at 40



I turned 40 almost a full year ago (363 days to be exact). It was scary. It has been a big year. Forty – whoa! I remember when I turned eighteen my freshman year at university…that was scary. Then there was twenty…I cried for days to no longer be a ‘teenager’. Days, months and years passed and as each milestone felt a little lighter, I think I got a little braver. All of those milestones hold societal and familial weight. The ‘shoulds’ and ‘supposed tos’ are sometimes louder than you’d like them to be and its a struggle to silence them…I’m hoping I’ve gotten better at it. (It’s still a work in progress)

40th Birthday in the Dives

My three best friends from sleep away camp and I all met up for a ‘new decade’ lunch last year. As we wondered if any of us had anything we truly wanted to do this year, the only thing I could quickly conjure up was ‘I’d like to wear blue nail polish on my toes’. Sounds trivial, I know, but somewhere along the line in the last five or so years, my priorities have shifted. Having your health, people you love in your life and access to the beach and adventures (whether small or large) …I’m feeling very lucky. Since tangible items do less for me than experience, that was what I came up with….and I’m proud to say…it’s been accomplished!

The girls o the beach

I’m third in the birthday line of the four of us. We’ve all jumped into this new decade with both feet…greeting the big birthday with an adventure and celebrating in a place other than home…San Francisco, Ohio, the Maldives and Paris. It’s been over thirty years since our friendship began and if we’re lucky, it will last more than twice that long.

It’s been a big year filled with bumps, turns, twists and ‘make your own endings’…who knows where the next one will take us all. I’m excited to be a participant along for the ride and am looking forward to the journey.

Forty in my ‘Year of Forty’

1.Wore blue toenail polish for an entire year

2.Drove across the country

3.Hiked in more US national parks than ever before

4.Traveled to Australia in their winter

5.After spending a decade there…moved out of my Long Beach apartment

6.Finally pulled off a fluid and full upward dog in yoga

7.Visited Disneyland on its 24 hour 60th anniversary

8.Found and secured an apartment in San Diego in five days

9.Went to an outdoor movie on a US Navy Aircraft Carrier

10.Worked the Travel and Adventure Show as Media

11.Visited my 2004 graduates at their ten year high school reunion

12.Toured San Diego on a Segway

13.Went to my first official Art Opening

14.Experienced Spring Training in Phoenix, Arizona

15.Met Pauline Frommer in person

16.Went to my first San Diego Symphony performance

17.Spent ANZAC Day with Aussies on the USS Midway

18.Saw an outdoor Organ concert at the Spreckles Pavillion in Balboa Park

19.Stood atop the highest public observation deck in the Southern Hemisphere at Eureka Skydeck

20.Went to my first Australian wedding (in Australia)

21.Honoured my music at the Country Music Hall of Fame and channeled ‘The King’ at Graceland

22.Went RV shopping

23.Hiked (in the snow) at over 9000 feet elevation

24.Walked the Lustgarten Foundation’s Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk with my dad

25.Helped to rebuild homes with Race2Rebuild and Rebuilding Together

26.Spent an evening at The Ryman at the Grand Ole Opry

27.Visited with a sick friend in Little Rock, Arkansas

28.Added my own graffiti to a car at the Cadillac Ranch in Texas

29.Traveled along the famed Route 66

30.Spent Christmas in Las Vegas

31.Became the Volunteer Director of Public Relations for the United Nations Association of San Diego

32.Got published!

33.Remained healthy

34.Flew a kite

35.Won my first blog award

36.Experienced my first San Diego County Fair

37.Calligraphied and consulted for/on many weddings

38.Spent time on a beach watching Navy Seal BUDS train

39.Reconnected with child-hood friends

40.Spent treasured time with the husband, family and friends

What’s on your list?

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