A west coast birthday



Where have you celebrated your birthday? What makes it special to you?

For almost a decade I celebrated my birthday on the sand at Azores beach in Long Beach, New York. Salty sea air, beach-goers, silky south shore sand, a walk on the boardwalk, some frozen yogurt, and some semblance of chocolate were part of the day. I spent as many hours outside as possible and was always content in that beautifully, happy space! Last year, our adventures took us to the islands of the Maldives to celebrate my entrance to a new decade. Different sand, same outlook. There was yoga, sea air, sandy feet, an entire day spent outdoors in the sunshine and of course, a bit of chocolate. Who knew then that it would be one of the most perfect holidays and a spectacular place to celebrate any occasion!

Simple celebrations are my favourite. If you’re lucky enough to have your health, survival needs met and some important people in your life – you’re without question, lucky enough. Whether near or far, it’s nice to know that somewhere in the world someone is thinking of you today. Add to that a bit of sunshine, sand, sea (and chocolate)…I’m a happy girl.


Hard to believe it’s been one full year since that Maldivian excursion. Amidst a cross country road trip, a change of pace, visits with friends, a new beach to (for now) call ‘our local’, shared adventures, new experiences, opportunities, challenges, joy and change – 365 days have passed. This birthday will be spent in San Diego, California and this simple, summer loving girl is again happy to spend as much time outside as possible watching the waves, wiggling my toes in the sand and of course, indulging in a bit of chocolate. Thanks for being a part of my journey.

Here’s to another fantastic year…wherever it may lead.

Birthday celebrations with friends


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