Being thankful


Where are you spending this Thanksgiving? Is it just a Thursday where you are? Are you sharing a meal with strangers, friends, family or flying solo? Are you taking part in traditions of years past or making your own new ones? What does this third Thursday in November look like for you?

This is our first year on the west coast. The American contingent of the family is celebrating all spread out across the country. There’s a sister with her husband’s family in Connecticut, a brother with his wife’s in Maryland and the parents with friends in New York. Mat and I have been lucky to spend Thanksgiving a few different ways since we met. We’ve been surrounded by family and tradition, been overseas creating new memories, celebrating while traveling and part of a memorable feast for 2000 in the aftermath of a hurricane. Each one has left an imprint on our hearts.

No matter where you’re spending the 26th of November this year, take a minute out of your day to find that sense of gratitude and thanks. Whether you’re hiking a mountain, throwing a football, setting a table, helping a stranger, walking on the sand, sitting at a restaurant, volunteering, traveling, working or remembering – spend a moment being grateful. Keep in mind those who aren’t able to be home for the holidays, those who are struggling, combating an illness, fighting for survival, or keeping the world safe. Take heart in the gifts you have been given and those you give to others. Today and always, I am thankful. Thanks for being a part of my life and our journey. Wherever you are, in whatever you’re choosing this Thursday…we wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving jpg.


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