One year later

Dana Point - Thanksgiving -

Taking in the view at Dana Point Headlands Trail on Thanksgiving

It’s been officially a year since we launched into what was originally to be about a one month road trip and then a short stint in a winter-free zone. Ummm….we’re still here!

Coronado Beach -

Spending toes in the sand days and sunset watching evenings on Coronado Beach

I’m not sure if our international birthday celebration in the Maldives last year was the catalyst or straw, but since then, we’ve been different. One of my yoga instructors constantly asks ‘what is it that you seek?’ and urges students to ‘ask for what it is you want’. I hadn’t met her last year, but somehow those questions were already stumbling around inside my head. Whether or not it’s this new decade I’m in, the constant yogic introspection or a ‘we just decided to’ attitude, I don’t know – but a lot has changed this year and I couldn’t be happier.

hanging around Mission Bay -

No worries at Mission Bay

What we thought would be a cross-country excursion to lead us to a winter escape was much more than that. That journey, like so many others, was far more than miles on an odometer. There was time for discoveries both internal and external. Knowledge learned through our experiences shifted and enhanced our already ever changing perspective. We found a love of road trips, hiking in beautiful scenic filled inland natural wonders and solidified an already strong love of nature. I saw changes that for years I never expected. This beach and ocean kid now enjoyed time hiking in a desert – really? Knowing that there was unending warmth and hopefully endless crashing waves and beach days to come, spending time in (in my opinion) colder conditions in order to experience a natural wonder was worthwhile… my stock in Under Armour garments also increased! Spending time together in all different capacities was constant enjoyment.

on my birthday -

A birthday paddle board lesson in Point Loma

In this new decade, I’m comfortable being myself. There are no expectations, no ‘have tos’ and we’ve tried really hard to get rid of the ‘shoulds’ and ‘supposed tos’ in our lives. Walk or drive, hike or meander…we’ve done our best to take advantage of this southern California sunshine and enjoy all this laid back pace has to offer. I’ve noticed that almost all of our photos we’ve ever taken (even the ones when we lived in New York and Melbourne) are outside. Natural lighting and backdrops, smiling faces and interesting events….We have been in search of an outdoor lifestyle…here, we’ve found it.

At the baseball -

‘If you build it’…in downtown San Diego

Who knows what the coming year will bring or to where we will roam…but for now, we are happy here. Happy in the non-seasonal changes, happy in leaving those jackets in the closets and rarely wearing socks and happier still in the ability to just be and enjoy the moment. It’s an ease, a calm, a smile, a non-hunch of the shoulders (or that could be the yoga)…it’s here. It’s worth seeking. Now that I’ve found it, wherever we roam…I’m going to do my best to take it with me.

yoga at Dana Point -


Happy travels!


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