The planning stages


Planning Stages:

International flights and Red Centre tour booked and the rest is under construction..this is the part I love! As we pull together the research, the investigation, the lists and the growing suggestions from friends – the planning stages are underway. What’s your favourite part of travel?

I have some friends who dread the planning piece of travel. The logistics alone make them nuttier than a fruitcake and the anticipation tends to take away from the relaxation when they arrive. I know others who are happy to relish in the planning stages and consult often to help others travel. And then there are the world-schoolers and travel nomads I’ve connected with whose travel it seems is a constant revolving door of planning and execution stages with time for adventure thrown into the mix.  The planning, for me, begins the adventure.

It’s probably part of that event planner logistics loving brain that makes the planning stage fun for me. I love to search for the information, gather it from a variety of sources, analyze all of it and then leap. I love making the calendar, figuring out where we’ll land when and culling together a list of things that might be interesting, inexpensive and fun.

There’s always a Diners, Drive – ins and Dive® search to be done if the destination is in the US. There’s always a Gadventures®, Intrepid Travel® or Lonely Planet® one if it’s out of the country. And then there are the tourism sights on which to linger, the guide books to check out of the library, the area maps to order for free, the hive mind of bloggers and social media friends to share their own experience and personal friends who suggest things they know you’d love. Somehow, that list forms into something to take with you and revisit once you’ve reached your destination.

After years of all-inclusive travel, I’ve learned to leave room for spontaneity. Plan some (which for us often includes where we’ll lay our head at night and how we’ll get to the next destination) and leave room for magic to happen. Maybe there’s a show you’ve always wanted to see in town or a once in a blue moon experience that’s specific to a place you don’t want to miss. If a local says check out that spot – it’s my favourite, it’s great to be able to add it into your journey. And if I’m involved in any way, there’s bound to be a waterfront area to check out and a market find that will wind up taking us longer than expected and treating us to the new and different.

I love this stage of travel. Are you the planner or the let me know when it’s done type? Do you wing it or plan 100%? Are you the ‘we’ll figure it out when we get there’ or a fan of planning ahead? What’s your go to spot for travel research? Whatever it is…happy planning!

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