San Diego Travel and Adventure Show…take 2


Travel and Adventure Show-the gift of travel

This past weekend was my second year at the San Diego Travel and Adventure Show. Hosted by Unicomm®, this two day event took place at the San Diego Convention Center. Enter at your own risk should really be posted at the door, as the moment you enter you’re bound to want to head off on an adventure or book something within minutes.

In one afternoon you can cross oceans and state lines, travel by land, sea or air and envision a journey of epic proportions. Hike a mountain, ride a segway, take a cooking class – no matter the dream, the travel and adventure show can help you build it. Whether you were enthralled by Pauline Frommer’s depiction of small group and volunteer travel descriptions, listened attentively as Samantha Brown detailed her family travel experiences or felt the burning need to hug a giant panda – the travel show had much to offer.

“San Diegans have an appetite for travel and adventure. This expo is a great way to experience the world over just one weekend through the eyes of well-traveled speakers and experts from around the globe.” -John Golicz, CEO Unicomm, event producer

This year we were on the lookout for some domestic treasures that might spark an interest for our cross country road trip. In a short ten minute conversation with Jeff from the Sierra Nevada’s table, part of our journey changed direction to be sure to take in more of the mountain range than we had originally planned. We chatted with the guys at AirMed® about health insurance and their air-lifiting service, talked to Betty and Diane at Montana tourism and although we had to commit to listening to a few hours pitch, we scored an overnight in Catalina (ferry tickets included), accommodation paid for a weekend away and tickets to a variety of local events in the next year. As we passed visitor after visitor whose arms were laden with colourful bags and booklets of all sizes, we heard ‘thanks for the Vegas trip’, ‘can I book my Alaskan cruise today’ and ‘tell me about your safari offerings’ more times than we can count.

Countless visitors hungry for travel advice flooded into the San Diego Convention Center last weekend. Ready to soak up all things domestic and international, they wove their way through aisle after aisle of tourism boards, airlines, resorts and travel gadget companies while listening to speakers deliver their thoughts with a microphone and digital presentation. Some grabbed autographs from NYTimes best selling author of 1,000 Places to See Before You Die, Patricia Schultz. Others wiggled their way between the Taste of Travel Theater showcasing live cooking demos, the SAVVY Traveler Theater for how-to-travel-smarter tips and check out the latest gadgets, and still others took a rest at the Global Beats Stage to get a glimpse of cultural music and entertainment from around the globe. (press release)

“This event is like walking through the best travel guide. And it’s right in your backyard.”-John Golicz, CEO Unicomm, event producer

 I walked away from this event with bags filled with new, fun brochures of places far and wide. I walked away with a continued love of travel and desire to see the world. I walked away with connections for newfound friends and directions to places we can stop by along our US road trip this spring. This show shared dreams and adventure…I can’t wait to go explore!

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