Looking forward


Rottnest Island, Western Australia - the gift of travel

Do you ever find yourself in a rut? A few days go by and you’re in a funk and can’t get out? Sick, have to stay in bed for a few days and can’t find the motivation to move forward when you’re feeling better? Have an inkling that something might be wrong but can’t put your finger on it? In a moment of clarity you kick yourself and say, ‘get out of that funk – stop being depressed and find the happy’; but sometimes it’s not as easy as it sounds. I have no medical degree, and I’m not speaking (of course) about serious depression or diseases you can’t control…I mean that bit of sad that creeps in every once and awhile an attempts to dim your sparkle.

There was Chris Farley’s ‘in a van down by the river’ and Al Franken’s ‘I’m good enough, I”m smart enough…’ from Saturday Night Live that got our spirits going years ago. Every which way you look you can find some form of motivation – it’s only if we choose to see it. Perhaps it’s positive posts on social media, a new age colouring book for adults, an afternoon with a friend or an exercise regime that works for you. Sometimes there’s a bit of a haze or a barricade that blocks that vision and it takes work to find that clarity.

In a world where social media is used more times a day than most household items, it’s hard to know what the reality of someone else’s world is. Whether you travel never, sometimes, often or always, most of us have had moments of sad. It could be a minute or longer, a true crisis or one that just stands to squelch our happy – but we’ve had them. What do you do?

For me, nature helps. Toes in the sand, a breath of ocean air, a heavy dose of vitamin D or a wander can do the trick. When that’s not available, it might be colouring a picture, listening to a favourite song, remembering a special moment, or calling a friend. I think it’s important to know that we all go through something at one point or another. The most we can do is to try to find our way out or find someone who’s been here before who knows the way. If you can…try to find the positivity – the happy…it’s worth the effort!

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