Beach cricket, sunshine and change


I used to hate change! I had counselors at sleep away camp who felt the need to explain the benefits of changing cabins and counselors each camp session. I didn’t want camp to end, university to finish or any holiday I’ve ever been on to come to a close. Change was not my friend. Fast forward a few decades…..change is not only embraced, it’s craved. Life is weird.

the stanceCredit yoga, aging, travel, an unlimited supply of vitamin D… whatever you like…..there’s been a switch and this weekend was a perfect example. With a crazy amount of rain (for southern California standards), beach erosion, school holidays, a long weekend, an unearthed shipwreck and rising temperatures, our usual beach spot became packed. No complaints….only a change of plans. We switched spots. Having no idea how we would feel in a new beach spot after so long, we took a risk (no, no not a huge one – I mean really, it’s a beach, right?) and shifted course to the other side of the island. Greater sand depth, far more people, a further walk and who knows what…and we were in a new spot. Needless to say, the end result was a perfect day.bowler to batsman

Within minutes, we found joy. Shortly, we spotted even more fun. Fifty yards away, the bright plastic yellow of wickets, bails and the ever familiar shape of a cricket bat appeared. It had to be a sign, right? Too much of a coincidence to keep us in our chairs, the husband went first and I followed. Before we knew it, we were playing a pick up game of beach cricket on the sands of San Diego. A transplanted midwest couple (who had lived abroad in Germany and had an Australian brother – in – law who had gifted the set), their two kids and the two of us instantly became bowlers, batsmen, and fielders. The husband was in his glory, and the kids excited that upon the next visit with uncle Aussie they will impress him with their newfound cricket mastery skills.

  • Game ended.
  • New friends made.
  • Possible Aussie rules match watching date already in the works.
  • Shared discussion and pure joy found in Tim Tams, Penguins, Mint Slices and how some treats remind you of adventures and experiences had around the globe.
  • Now back to our regularly scheduled beach chairs.

let the games beginThe beach has always been my happy place. When I’m earthing on the sand surrounded by salty sea air, I think better, my head is clearer, my senses heightened and my soul more free. It’s not surprising to me that continuing to learn to accept and embrace change would take place here, in my safe haven. It may have been an overcrowded long weekend that forced us to shift our spot from beside one Navy base to another, but, I don’t think it’ll be the last time we return to this new location. Perhaps now, we’ll switch it up because ‘we just decided to’.

Growth, change, development – they’re all a part of life and everyone seems to have spurts at their own time. Somehow, mine tend to happen more when I least expect them – like when I’m in the midst of diving to catch a cricket ball hit by a five year old with an Australian uncle on a sandy beach in southern California.

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