What’s on your travel list?


Every other day, there’s another quiz to take, list to click or post to like. Magazines post their 2016 list of places to visit and newspapers tell you exactly what to do with 36 hours in a city. Tour groups share their ‘best’ itineraries while bloggers respond with their favourite top 10 list for a specific spot. We all sit somewhere in the middle either ignoring it all, clicking like and share or retweet with gusto, mad that we can’t figure out how to get to that destination with the cash that’s under our mattress or looking at it all and saying ‘I want to go there, but not like that’!


Bombarded with messages telling us where we ‘should’ want to go and ‘exactly how’ we ‘should’ want to visit is often a bit much to take on a daily basis. What if we stopped asking Siri, didn’t fawn over the glossy pages in magazines or go ga-ga over the pristine bungalows flaunted on our iPads? What if we went back to the ‘old school’ way of finding your holiday spot. Ask friends, do your own research, find the tour that works for you, design your own excursions and do what you want and not what some random list tells you ‘you should’ want or what ‘everybody wants’. What if we made our own lists? What if we traveled for experiences? What’s on your list?


Mine varies with the days and years, and of course, how you travel is completely your own choice. Some people choose to slow travel and stay in one place to live and adventure. Some have only one week a year and want to spend it relaxing in their own way. Some string weeks or even months together to make the most time they can out of where they are. And still others are lucky to grab a few days here and there when time permits. Does your list include places to which you’d like to return or only those you’ve never before experienced? And of course, with every new journey, new places are added. Have you ever gotten, ‘where else could you possibly want to go-haven’t you been everywhere?’ and responded with a blank stare? Even if I had been everywhere (which I most certainly have not), there might be places to which I’d like to return and explore in a different way. Days, weeks, months or years in places is often not enough. As of this minute…..here are a few from my list (there’s too many to type)

Iceland, Peru, Mozambique, Madagascar, Croatia, China, Japan, Tonga, Mauritius, Fiji, Switzerland, & Singapore

and to return to

French Polynesia, Maldives, London, New Zealand, Namibia, South Africa, Israel, & Hong Kong

Travel is personal.

My list keeps growing…how about yours?


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