Clarity in a cup


Clarity in a cup -

Have you ever had a coffee date that provided much more than the liquid in the cup? A few weeks ago – that happened. The intention of the meet up (aside from a lovely cup of peppermint tea) was to get more information on the world of Chinese medicine and to begin to understand the benefits of acupuncture. The results were far greater. Yes, I got a few names of books to read, the cost of an eval and treatment session, and the knowledge that apparently I should eat more beets – but it was more than that.

As has been the case with many of my discussions in the past few months, the conversation traveled back to the idea of ‘not only one way’ to do any specific thing or see the world. This time, it was about wellness, balance and healthy living, but the overall meaning was still there. Filled with ‘aha’ moments, our two hour chat showcased vision, choice, health of mind and body, perspective, yoga and lifestyle decisions. A ‘therapy’ session in action, this chat between friends over a cup of something hot was more than a ‘find out about Chinese medicine’ morning – it was more of a find out about me, morning…enlightenment in a cup.

In thinking about investing myself into acupuncture or delving into the beliefs of Eastern medicine, I found a peace-filled morning. Even talking about the ideas and theories of seeing the world differently, looking past the typical, following your own path, seeing the whole person, and trying something new was mind opening, perspective shifting and enticing to the soul. Our discussion ranged from how acupuncture helped a family pet, all the way to world travel and how a change of venue can yield more health benefits than once imagined. Stories shared, information passed, laughter had, learning ensued and developing paths all entered into the two hour discussion in a coffee shop in San Diego’s funky North Park neighborhood.

Have you experienced a time you thought you’d learn one thing while a whole extra lesson took place?

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