Yes I can. Yes I will.


Glacier National Park -

Have you seen the new Under Armour® ads with the ‘I Will’ campaign? Have you heard of the ‘Say Yes More‘ events run by David Cornthwaite in England? Both approaches ignite positivity and encourage ‘doing’ through motivation and inspiration at every turn. These ideas can take even our own worlds by storm – that is, if we let them.

One of my San Diego yoga classes was different than others. A new teacher, an instrument, a lot of ‘shakra and breathing talk’ and many hands on adjustments showed up in the studio that day. I have to say, when I left, I felt fabulous – everything popped in all the right places. I used to not want to take a class if I didn’t know the teacher. I used to ‘turn off’ when discussions turned to topics I didn’t feel had heaps of merit in my life. Today, things are completely different. I think it’s because I’m doing my best (it doesn’t happen all the time, yet) to embrace a new attitude – ‘I can, and I will’.

I never thought I’d entertain acupuncture before – and now I’m excited to see what it holds. I never thought I’d be comfortable in contract or freelance work and today I crave the freedom. I never thought I’d actually live elsewhere aside from NY’s borders and now I look forward to life in various post codes. I never thought I’d find joy in landlocked travel and today I can see beauty in mountains, plains and lakes. I never thought I’d hike a mountain or travel to a park filled with glaciers. I have a friend who never ran much who now wakes at 4:30 each morning and finished her first half-marathon this May. Another who conquered 250 kilometers (155+ miles) in a seven day desert footrace without ever running one marathon before its beginning. And there are others who’ve stared down the face of disease, changed their body composition or habits, battled with demons beyond their control, survive the everyday existence and continue to search each day for the good in the universe. Attitude matters.

I always knew attitude and mindset were significant but never gave it the weight it deserves. Two people can see the exact same situation 100 % differently due solely to their attitude and view of the world. Perspective, mindset, attitude, choice, will – all of them play a part in how we see our daily world, how we interact with others and how we handle situations. If it’s in our own power (and it isn’t always), I’d like to think we’d all try to choose positivity, light, laughter, joy, ease, help and answer with more ‘yes’ and ‘I will’ than ‘no’ and ‘i can’t’.

What do you do to find the happy? How do you search for the good in a situation that’s covered in ‘ick’? Perspective is a beautiful thing and often serves to taper the scary with the knowledge that ‘it’s really not that bad’, or ‘what can I do here’ thoughts? When you find the negative seeping in, how do you shift your focus? Do you find nature, stargaze, listen to the waves, workout, holistic remedies, a coffee date with friends, a snuggle, a hike, a hug, a book – what works for you? Here’s to a time of more ‘I can’ and ‘I will’ in all of our lives – taking one positive attitude step at a time.

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