New year, new opportunities



We’ve turned the page on the calendar, made it to 2017, managed amidst the food frenzy of December and have gotten to the next rotation of the earth around the sun. How do you feel? Amidst the barrage of sale emails, cleanse products, impending inauguration, weight loss programs, gym freebies and resolution insanity – we’re here. With one foot in front of the other – we’ve made it to January…now what?

Like the snow thawing out of an endless winter, a rainbow embracing the skies after a thunderous hurricane or that first ankle wiggle out of a long savasana – January has arrived. What does the new year bring for you? When I was teaching, the first things the new year meant was back to school, a countdown till Martin Luther King Jr. Day and the promise of a hopefully exotic and warm February break. Now, on the west coast, those markers aren’t in the picture. Today, the markers, milestones, mantras and meditations are all our own responsibility – forcing us to decide what it is we’re looking for and what it is we see in front of us.

The journey continues – and we’re lucky to be on it together. Each one of us is on our path and it’s up to us to navigate the journey. How are you doing? Are you up for something new? Trying something different? Opening up to what you may have before thought of as strange but now want to embrace? Interested in learning a new way of thinking, testing out some new recipes, finding a new mindset, channeling a new mantra, seeking a new opportunity or sticking with what’s been working for you? How do you greet the new year?

This year I’m in search of more. More mindfulness and awareness, more vitamin D and fresh air, more clarity and openness, more positivity and gratitude, more laughter and shared stories, more smiles and kindness, more hikes and hugs, more meaningful moments and of course, more adventure. Perhaps that’s the key, right? Perhaps realizing that you are enough, you are your own responsibility and you can blaze your own trail provides more insight and opportunity than we ever imagined. These amorphous things trickle down to being a better you, working harder, loving stronger, acting more fiercely, and finding your feet faster than you did before. Perhaps what once was woo woo becomes welcoming and what once seemed ridiculous, embraced.

Having been privileged to experience many parts of the world, we’ve seen first hand that there’s more than one way for everything. The societal constraints in which you grew up may not be that of someone else. The societal norms and acceptable milestones set up to which you once believed you must conform are not the only goals or markers. Choosing you matters. Finding what makes your spirit soar, what makes you feel good about yourself and being able to take time for that self – care (in whatever capacity works for you) is vital. Maybe it’s reading a good book or attending a meditation seminar. Maybe it’s a hike, a family dinner or an essential oil filled bubble bath. Maybe it’s a travel adventure, a shopping extravaganza or a much needed yoga class. Maybe it’s a day on the slopes, at the beach or out on the range. Whatever it is, you can find it. Get away from the screens, give your texting fingers a rest and find what makes you tick.

Take time to rejuvenate you and the rest will fall into place. The turning of the calendar page like the opening of a new journal is filled with promise, opportunity and 365 days of possibility. How will you fill them? What will your priorities be? How will you make time for you to be the best you can be? Be brave, be bold and be sure to know you’re enough. May this be the best year yet. Happy New Year.


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