Finding healing spaces along a bumpy road



Since the early days of December – it’s seemed as if the world has been spinning on its axis and we definitely feel as if it’s about to fling us off to a bumpy stop or crash landing on direct impact. If I could raise my hand and ask the ride conductor to slow it down and let me off, I would – but I’m not sure that’s how this ride goes. So, we’re taking a chance, standing on the ledge and going to make the jump before we get spit out and have no idea how many bumps, bruises and broken everything we’ll have along the way. I’m trusting that in one way or another a net will appear – but with or without the security – we’re leaping.


Self-preservation and self-care are real things, healing practices are helpful and safe spaces really do make a positive difference. In some way or another – we all need a little bit of all of those things and often we don’t know it for sure until it’s too late. So, if we can’t stop the ride – we have to find a way off that will save ourselves before that impending crash landing – next stop, San Diego!


Everyone has moments, minutes, months or a multitude of years of varying degrees of mayhem. Sometimes we share them, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes our sadness and angst is visible, and most often it’s not. Struggles are different for all and if we’re lucky, we have choices, we find people to listen and there are methods available to ebb the flow. Feeling hit by a train in waves of ick isn’t fun, but somehow there are glimmers of hope, sparkles of good, moments of mindfulness and the consciousness to be grateful – and they matter more than they’ll ever know.


We’re grabbing our chance, taking a leap, and making a conscious choice to put ourselves in the most peaceful spot we’ve found. Known as ‘America’s finest city’, San Diego has given us the most ease, taught us the most lessons and provided us the most peace – so, we’re going back. A friend of ours who has been on this ride recently told us, ‘you two were built for the west coast’ – we believe he’s right. There’s an ease there, a constant boost of vitamin D and a land filled with flip flops and ocean waves. The other yuck won’t go away – but the boost of happy might make it a softer landing.


Perhaps it’s the space that’s the net, perhaps it’s our faith that it’ll be there somehow or perhaps we’ve been our own nets all along. I spent decades being afraid of the what ifs, the maybes and the worries – not anymore. Now I’d rather be grateful for the chance to give it a shot, see what happens and know that if we’re lucky, we can always make a change. When there’s a place we know we both love, we both miss, we both crave and we both find peace – why wait that one extra minute? We’re headed west over President’s week and will come to a halt when we reach the Pacific. We’ll bring the avocados and fish tacos and meet you at our favourite spot on Coronado Beach….no shoes required…see you out there!

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  1. Selfishly sad that you won’t be in NY whenever I return there, but excited to have a chance to visit you both in SD, which we could not do before. So happy you have some resolution to a few questions; the rest you can work on over time. xox

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