One month, two weeks; Monday



Exactly one month ago we left New York headed west to San Diego. Five seconds shy of leaving with sustenance from the bagel store, the husband slipped on black ice and that was that. The six day road trip included an urgi care visit in western Pennsylvania, an ortho clinic visit in Kentucky, amazingly compliant ADA hotel rooms and kind people along the way, a visit to the Louisville Slugger Factory, barbecue in the car in St. Louis and two weeks (exactly two weeks today) later a tibial plateau fracture surgery by a military/baseball affiliated surgeon in San Diego – this was a different kind of road trip.

Choose Happy

In the interim, there’s been dealing with grief, a stent procedure for Mom, a new apartment and one that got away, a bit of a job shift for the husband and what at times has felt like a constant avalanche of ick. Sometimes getting to the ‘take a deep breath’ stage is hard, remembering that ‘this too shall pass’ is difficult and grabbing and holding onto those moments of peace, love and light is nothing short of utterly imperative. Perspective continues to smack us in the face, gratitude is ever present, appreciation for all things positive is alive and well and we know we have a tribe of supporters who continue to lift us up along the way.


So, one month on we’re here, finding our smile in the sunshine and looking forward. We’re back in our happy place where palm trees reign, limited jackets are necessary and fish tacos are readily available. We’re in a land where avocados abound, yoga matters and mindfulness is more than a trendy term. Here is where the healing begins. Here, even when we feel like we’re underwater, we remember that as long as we relax, every wave lets you up eventually. Here, where the air is clear to breathe, the seagulls chirp in the distance and those who regularly put themselves in danger and walk through fire share the same space as civilians – here is where we stay.


It’s hard to be away from family but somewhere deep in our toes, we know this is the place for us. This is where the healing begins. This is where we get back to us after these last few months of chaos and emotional mayhem. Looking backwards doesn’t do anything. Manifesting all things good, channeling gratitude and charging forward will find the positivity, the bliss and the ease. This is the place we learned to do that. This is the place we learned to believe more in ourselves, live more authentically and seek that quality of life that blends holiday bliss with everyday life.

Coronado 2018

My Dad continued to grab life by the horns, live everyday, and find joy even in the darkest of winters and with the most dire of diagnoses. Many of the people we’ve had the opportunity to speak with in the past few months said the same thing – your Dad was in it for the long game. Well, you know what, we’re going to do the same. Perhaps this truckload of ick is just (as my Mom says) life with a capital L for awhile. And perspective reminds us that there are many who deal with this and far worse on a very regular basis. There are lessons in everything and we’re looking for them and as the waves let us up, we know they’ll be there somewhere.


My friend Erin tells me there’s always a rainbow after a storm and I can’t remember a time in the past three decades where she hasn’t been right – so I’m all in. Kaity reminds me regularly that ‘you got this’ and friends from eons ago and five minutes ago are constantly there with a warm hug, friendly smile, encouragement text and a let’s meet for coffee and change the world together attitude. We love life in San Diego and know that the positive people we are will continue to poke holes in the ick. Our journey continues here on the west coast. Perhaps it’s a little slower to start than we’d like, but there are lessons in that too. Patience, persistence and a little bit of grit will meet those moments of mindfulness and positivity and then in those minutes of awesome I know all things unicorn, sparkle, rainbows, glitter and cupcakes will rise again. Come say hi, meet us on a trail, hang out on the sand or let us know when you want to go for fish tacos and we’re in….we promise to have a smile and a visit to our favourite beach for waiting for you.

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  1. And u r missing shoveling the 4th nor’easter of the year out of your driveway. So things are good. Hope all Ebert family doing as well as can be expected on all counts. Arthur Bergida Sent from my iPhone


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