At home on the left coast


We made it to San Diego

Exactly four years ago we arrived in San Diego. A cross country road trip (the first of four in four years) designed to plop us here for three months to avoid a New York winter has lasted far longer than we ever expected. What we thought would be a blip on the radar turned into a chosen city and a chosen home. Even when we thought about leaving, life turned us right back around. San Diego has been a far greater gift than we could have ever imagined.

Hiking the sand dunes - 2017.jpg

Here we continue to meet heaps of transplants who call San Diego home – there’s a reason people come here. Here we find kindness, community and countless considerate people. Here we’re in good company when we’re cold in 65F/17C degrees. Here there are thousands who crave that year ’round outdoor lifestyle and mindset of working to live not living to work. Here there are minimal times of year where socks and jackets become a thing. Here our toes are free to reign in flip flops, beach days are prevalent, the hustle and bustle is minimal and hiking has become something we truly enjoy. Here there’s constant access to vitamin D, avocados and the best fish tacos I’ve ever tasted. Sure, we’ll both always be kids from other places and those places and the people in them will never leave us – but at this present moment – San Diego is exactly where we’re supposed to be.


We count ourselves lucky to have friends, family and friends who are family around the globe. They’re around the country and around the world and we can’t imagine life without each and every one of them. It’s taken a few years, but we’ve been gifted a community of awesome people here, too. Those we met at random, those we work with, those we volunteer with, those with whom we’ve rekindled friendships and those we play with – and all have helped us grow, heal and cherish this place we now call home.

Smiles and sand.jpg

It’s been quite a year. Shifts in coasts, surgery, physical therapy, moving again, healing, learning, growing, practicing self-care, putting health and happiness front and center, work challenges, gratitude, grieving, embracing present moments, seeking joy, finding friends, practicing perspective, cultivating community and choosing happy have been some of our hurdles and heartfelt gifts. We’ve been blessed with opportunity and choice and hold them both with great care.


The turning of the calendar is right around the corner. Resolutions abound, cakes will be traded in for lettuce wraps, dreams are in the making, adventures will be planned, words like fate and destiny will be bantered around and whether we’re ready for it or not, it will soon become 2019. Four years ago we were in a different city, dreading the oncoming winter and wondering if we should remain in the jobs and professions we were in. Four years ago we were dealing with blizzards, pining for summer and wondering where ‘next should’ take us. Today, we’re in our ‘next’. It’s never to late to change your circumstances, try something new, dream big dreams, take risks and believe in yourself with your whole heart. The road may be rocky…but it’s worth every step.

Palm Springs 2017.jpg

This has been a year of struggle and triumph, difficulty and grace, changes and blessings, healing and growth and everything in between. But even when we thought it was a good idea to leave, San Diego pulled us back in. Who knows what the Universe has planned, where future adventures will lead or what bumps will be along the way – for now, we’re happy where we are, find ourselves growing where we are and feel like better people for being here. Thanks San Diego – we’re grateful to call you home. Happy New Year – all. Here’s to a healthy and happy 2019 filled with kindness, adventure, laughter, love and gratitude.


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