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A date with a seal

About to embark on the SEAL Tour - thegiftoftravel.wordpress.com

Ready for an adventure

Water kid meets amphibious touring vessel. What may sound to my four year old superhero loving nephew like a new addition, in a blue cape, riding a fast moving submarine is little ole me hopping on one of San Diego’s own, Seal Tours. This weekend, Mat and I took the opportunity to try out one of those giant blue contraptions we see riding around town. It’s great when we take advantage of things so often ‘reserved’ for those ‘tourist visits’ or when you’ve entered into a new city. Our adventure showed us a new look at a city we’ve been in for the past ten months. Complete with a captain and first mate, our 90 minute journey on land and sea left a smile on our face and spring in our step for the duration of the day. Have you made ‘a splash on the SEAL’? Read the rest of this entry

Feeling Thankful


Two years ago, Thanksgiving took on a whole different meaning. After Hurricane Sandy hit our shores and our city was in survival mode, so many from all over gave selflessly to assist. The generosity was overwhelming and community spirit lifted. Helping to feed over 1500 people a Thanksgiving meal that many would not be able to otherwise have was heartwarming and inspiring to save the least. The people, the sense of community and memories of that day will stay with me far longer than the destruction of the hurricane. Read the rest of this entry

15 things on the mind of a girl who loves to travel

Over water bungalows - Moorea, French Polynesia

Over water bungalows – Moorea, French Polynesia

If you met me in my youth, you would have said there’s a girl who loves the beach, her friends, chocolate, summer camp and is looking towards a university adventure. If you met me any time after university you’d say there’s a girl who loves the beach, her friends, summer camp, chocolate and especially world travel. Loving the accents of my Camp America counselors in my youth and then bitten by the bug in my early twenties, I’ve never since been the same. Luckily, with the issues of survival (food, water, shelter and let’s add health to that) thankfully and most appreciatively met at this time, there are often other things on my mind and travel is ALWAYS at the forefront. My friends constantly remind me that I’m lucky that my husband has that same adventure spirit or they’re sure he’d go insane. Read the rest of this entry