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Bring on the adventure


Sunset - Mission Beach, San Diego - thegiftoftravel.wordpress.com

We’ve gone and booked it! A two month journey in planes, trains, and automobiles. This (Northern Hemisphere) spring we’re heading off to spend a bit of time adventuring. We hope to catch up with friends and family and meet strangers who will soon become both! Whether on the other side of the world or this one…we’re ready for the adventure. Read the rest of this entry

Interview: Adventures of an international world-schooling family


The world-wide community of travelers is constantly growing. Solo, family, couple, luxury, budget – whatever you fancy, it’s out there. In search of those who desire to travel and learn from each experience, I’ve connected with many travelers making their way in the world. The Tupy’s and I have some common connections. They are an international couple who met abroad in a third location. One of them is a teacher. They learn as they go using various means necessary and staying in varied accommodations. They search for enriching experiences that are both perspective changing and provide growth. They’re not sure where they’ll settle and want the opportunity to choose whatever spot in the world suits them best for that time. They’re on a journey. Here they share a bit of the insight they’ve gained along the way.

Michelle Tupy and family - the gift of travel

Michelle Tupy and family

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Interview: Indefinite Adventure (Sam and Zab)


The community of worldwide travelers grows by leaps and bounds each day. The more I look, the more I find people switching gears and jumping into a travel-centered life, figuring out how to make those dreams into a reality that works for them. Sam and Zab are two of those travelers. While I may have only ‘met’ them in the digital world, I can imagine our actual footprints will cross one day too. Here they share their story and what they believe to be the gifts of travel.

Sam and Zab in Salt Flats Read the rest of this entry

Remembering a Rosh Hashanah on the Road


It was a new synagogue, a Rabbi from Brooklyn and people who spoke in various languages that I can remember. It’s friendly faces, foreign tongues, and seats in a separate section high above those below that flash through my memory on this holiday. The challah tasted just as delicious, the greetings were the same and the kindness palpable when we all entered into the New Year together…in Berlin.

At the Berlin Wall-2009

Five years ago, Mathew and I spent Rosh Hashanah in Berlin. It was my first high holiday experience ever spent away from home and the expectations were uncertain. We knew we’d find a way to celebrate, but the outcome was unknown. What transpired is a holiday that won’t soon be forgotten and the feelings of a community with outstretched arms welcoming in weary travelers and locals alike. What we thought would be a ‘Rosh Hashanah in a bag’ travel style celebration became one centered around holiday, a challah hand delivered by a Chabad Rabbi and services in a beautiful temple surrounded by people doing exactly the same thing. Read the rest of this entry

Home for the Holidays

Celebrating Passover

Celebrating Passover

Most of the time (in our dating/married life together), we’ve been away from New York for the Passover holiday, but this one is different. Last year, I purchased my matzoh at a Chabad house on Kaosarn Road in Bangkok, Thailand and on the first night, delivered a box to a friend who had recently moved overseas. Nothing on a grand scale, but a gesture that meant just as much. Most of our Passover holiday 2013 was spent in India trying to dodge the most delicious smelling naan until the end of the holiday when I happily dove in to my fair share of tasty bread products. There have been years spent lugging half broken matzoh pieces through the airport to eat with delicious Dulce de Leche on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, or layering with our trusty travel squeeze bottle of Vegemite in Hong Kong. I’ve schlepped homemade mondelbread through countless customs check points and hoped that the chocolate covered matzoh wouldn’t melt in my backpack. We’ve done our best to make the travel version of religious/national holiday celebrations work for us to be able to have them both in our lives. Read the rest of this entry