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Warm in Autumn?

Stacey & Erin - August 2009 - thegiftoftravel.wordpress.com

Camp friends for over 30 years

Got a favourite season? My friend Erin’s is autumn. She loves all things ‘fall’. When I spoke to her this week, she was in the midst of making a batch of raspberry jam. She smiles when talking about colourful leaves, crisp air, time in the garden, jam-making, s’mores by the fire, sweaters and a joy in the change of seasons. I’m glad she has a favourite season, but we already know, autumn has never been a favourite of mine…but this year could see something change and it has nothing to do with the colour of the leaves. Read the rest of this entry


An evening of artistry with 5,000 pumpkins


Welcome to the rise of the jackolanterns

By now, you know that I’m a fan of summer. Except for Trader Joe’s pumpkin butter, I’ve never been a huge fan of all things fall, spring or winter. Seasonal change and I are not friends, pollen makes me itch and sneeze and don’t even get me started on the cold. But, somehow, this past weekend in San Diego, there was a way to get a fun bit of autumn while keeping my flip flops on and the histamines at bay so I was game. Read the rest of this entry

September…in San Diego


Flips in Long Beach

It’s September. In my New York-raised brain that means so very many things to me. It means the influx of cinnamon and pumpkin spiced everything. It means back to school, last lifeguard whistles and nerves for the impending school year. It means nights begin to get shorter, evenings become crisp and Facebook® feeds fill with questions of the best apple picking, hayrides or other fall festival activities. It means pollen counts rise and allergies arrive as my itchy eyes notify me of ragweed’s arrival before any weather person can. It means dread appears in the impending winter and trying to figure out where to book a holiday to avoid the onslaught of snow, ice and cold that makes my face hurt. It starts the thought of a winter with layers for outside and the need to have the speed of a NASCAR driver to remove said layers inside before the overheating process begins. September means holidays, fall sports and a new year. September also means my birthday. Read the rest of this entry

It’s October!

It’s October!

October is here and I find myself already yearning for summer’s sunshine and adventures far beyond my post code. The temperature is dropping a bit and mornings are cooler than middays. Leaves are turning from their summer green to autumn reds and oranges and the pumpkin explosion assaults every sense whether walking through a festival or supermarket. Parks seem filled with apple ciders, pumpkin carving demos and if it’s not Halloween displays in stores they’re already getting set for the December holidays-seriously? Where did summer go?

I’m a flip flop fan who thrives on sunshine and sea breezes and gains strength with every passing wave. Seagulls seemed to have made a permanent home outside my building on the beach just waiting for the few beach-goers to bring them something yummy to eat. Surfers still hit the waves in search of that sweet spot while autumn sunsets continue to astound with their colourful designs. Yet, I still am ready for adventure. My mom always told me that I often thought the ‘grass was always greener’ somewhere else. When I was younger, I definitely thought she was correct and often wanted to fly the coop to see life’s happenings in other places. Today, though, I am more than happy and contented with life on the ocean and feel blessed and regularly lucky to have the opportunities, friends and adventures that I’ve had. Days are filled with smiles (mostly) and nights are spent feeling lucky, enjoying life and of course, plotting the next adventure! Read the rest of this entry