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Interview #2: Elana Duffy of Team Rubicon (Disaster Relief ‘traveler’)


The travel community is filled with incredibly interesting people. All are dreamers, doers, travelers and some make it their business to be a constant source of good and change in the world. Elana and I met after Hurricane Sandy. We were connected through a new not for profit, Race2Rebuild founded by our mutual friend after the hurricane. We met and connected through volunteer work, disaster relief and a joint sense of adventure. Like many of the fabulous disaster relief personnel that we have been honoured to meet and work with, Mat and I believe Elana is a super hero. She may not see the cape she wears, but we do. She has had her share of ‘travel’ and shares what she believes to be some of its many gifts. Without question, she has brought her gift to thousands. Thanks, Lana. 

Photo Credit: Chris Ryan, Team Rubicon

Photo Credit: Chris Ryan, Team Rubicon

Interview with Elana Duffy, Field Operations Manager, Team Rubicon Region II

1.What/when was the first disaster to which you had to ‘travel’? With which organization were you traveling with on the mission? (ie; FEMA, Homeland Security, Team Rubicon) The answer to the first disaster to which I had to travel really depends on the definition of disaster, and I suppose on the definition of travel. With the Army, I saw Afghanistan and Iraq, Qatar and Romania, Germany and Hawaii. I lived in Europe and spent every long weekend knocking another country off the list. Upon leaving the service, two itches still needed to be scratched: the insatiable need to continue service and the bite of the travel bug. With Team Rubicon I found an ointment for both, and the disaster response travel began. After several months of local travel to cut downed trees, clear debris, and hang sheetrock in nearby northeastern states, I journeyed to Moore, Oklahoma in June 2013 after two subsequent F5 tornadoes hit the town leveling entire neighborhoods.

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