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The Edventure Project : Traveler Interview #3


The travel community is filled with incredibly interesting people. If you’ve ever thought about living, working, continuous travel and education with your family in tow – Jennifer Miller of The Edventure Project is the one to talk to. Traveling for many years and educating her family in the world’s continents and communities, Jennifer shares her story with me. Here she talks about life on the road and education in the global classroom.

The Miller Family in their travels

The Miller Family in their travels

Interview with The Edventure Project (Jennifer Miller)

1.When did you get started traveling? We took off traveling in spring 2008. We set off to cycle in Europe and N. Africa for a year… and just kind of kept going!

2.What made you decide make the jump to a location independent/travel-based existence? Our first year we were traveling on money we had saved. When the US economy crashed in the fall of 2008 the money we’d saved disappeared and we were left with a decision to make: Go home and get jobs, or find some new way to support ourselves. Ultimately, we headed to Tunisia, lived cheap for 3 months and worked on expanding our options. At the time, it seemed like a terrible thing to have happening. In retrospect it was one of the best things that could have happened because it forced creativity in a way that traveling along according to our plan might not have. It forced us to ask some fundamental questions about what we wanted from our lives and careers. Read the rest of this entry