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Travel…a shift in the everyday existence


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A friend of mine used to tell me that I loved travel because I didn’t like reality. She swore that was the reason I loved laying on a beach in Cancun or seeing the sights of Europe. Perhaps part of that is true, but most of life was pretty great. If you’re healthy and have the ability of choice – what’s the problem, right? I had another friend who told me that if I loved ‘summer Stacey’, wouldn’t I want to try to embrace that person all year ’round? I imagine, in a sense, they were both right. Travel and summer, for me, have always provided a lifestyle involving freedom, possibilities, smiles and endless optimism. They’re the chocolate ice cream for toddlers and the glitter for crafters rolled into one. Read the rest of this entry

Happy New Year!


Hello 2016 Read the rest of this entry

The season of giving


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What does the season of giving mean to you? Are you a fan of shopping mortar and brick stores or an online fiend? Do you make donations at this time of year to share the wealth? Are you one for teaching children what charity means by volunteering, getting involved and helping them share what they have with those less fortunate? Do you spend the season with family, friends, strangers or doing your own thing? Are you a traditional holiday celebrant or are you one to make your own? Whether your December is filled with snow covered streets or white sandy beaches….how do you celebrate the giving season? Read the rest of this entry

Joy in Simplicity


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Almost a decade ago, my cousin got married in North Carolina. I flew in for her wedding and stayed with a summer camp counselor and her family for the night. They picked me up at the airport with their two little girls in tow and we chatted the entire drive home. Along the way, her husband (who was also a camp director of mine) pointed out whimsical trees, purple flowers on the center median and even a deer on the side of the road. The visit was great, the wedding was beautiful and the time with family and friends precious, but Chris pointing out wildflowers to his young daughters has stuck with me. Read the rest of this entry