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Traveler Interview #5: Gary Arndt of Everything-Everywhere

Traveler Interview #5: Gary Arndt of Everything-Everywhere

The travel community is filled with incredibly interesting people. Gary Arndt, of Everything-Everywhere is one of them. Research and social media has given me the opportunity to reach out to a few prominent bloggers who are living life on their own terms. Perhaps Gary’s story will inspire you to bring the gift of travel more to the forefront of your life in a way that works for you.

Interview with Everything-Everywhere (Gary Arndt)

1.When did you get started traveling? I began traveling full time on March 13, 2007.

2.What made you decide make the jump to a location independent existence? I wasn’t thinking of location independence per se. I just wanted to travel around the world and see things.

3.What benefits do you feel you get from this lifestyle? How do you handle the nay-sayers in your life? I get the freedom to go where I want, when I want and see all that the world has to offer. I don’t listen to nay-sayers.

4.How did you save money to be able to afford living ‘on the road’? How long did it take you to make the jump to a location independent life? I had money from selling my home and my business. It took me a little under 2 years from coming up with the idea to getting on the road. Most of that time was spent trying to sell my house.

5.How do you choose your destinations and for how long you’ll stay? What type of accommodations do you typically choose? Are there any specific resources you recommend? I pick places based on my desire to visit. I seldom stay in one place longer than a week or two and am usually moving constantly. For example, in 2013 I visited 44 countries. I normally stay in hostels or guesthouses as they are cheap. I don’t use any particular resource. I just look for places online and ask other people.

6.How much money do you traditionally need annually to support this lifestyle? There is no answer to this question. It is totally dependent on where you live and how much moving around you do. The answer for Switzerland will be very different than the answer for Thailand. The minimum is probably $1,000/month

7.How do you make money on the road and save for retirement? You don’t really. There is no need to retire from this lifestyle.

8.How do you handle visas, vaccinations, legal documents/passports, taxes and healthcare while living without a home base? I use my mother’s home as a mailing address. It really isn’t that difficult as many things can be done online.

9.If you decide to settle somewhere – where and when do you think it will be? No idea. It depends more on business opportunities and cost. My problem is that I always want to go somewhere else after a few weeks.

10.What advice do you have for others trying to make the jump to a location independent lifestyle? Make sure it is really something you want to do. It isn’t all glamorous. Most people actually couldn’t stand to do it for more than few months.

Find out more about Gary and his ’round the world travels at Everything-Everywhere.