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Traveler Interview #6: A Lady in London’s Julie Falconer

Traveler Interview #6: A Lady in London’s Julie Falconer

The travel community is filled with incredibly interesting people. Julie Falconer, of A Lady in London is one of them. Research and social media has given me the opportunity to reach out to a few prominent bloggers who are living life on their own terms. Perhaps Julie’s story will inspire you to bring the gift of travel more to the forefront of your life in a way that works for you.

Interview with A Lady in London (Julie Falconer)

1.When did you get started traveling? My first trip was to England and Scotland when I was five years old. My grandmother was from Glasgow, so my mother wanted me and my brother to see her country. I started traveling on my own when I went to a language school in Nice when I was 18. I spent most weekends in European cities, and I discovered a passion for travel. Read the rest of this entry